Zhang Yimou gave the opening ceremony 100 points, and the closing ceremony he plans to…

Zhang Yimou, the chief director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, spoke about the opening ceremony on Feb 5.Zhang Yimou said that Chinese aesthetics is particularly subtle and ethereal, emphasizing the blank style of “one is as good as ten”. Surrounded by the “snowflakes” with the names of participating countries and regions all over the world, the small torch reflects that “a single spark can start a prairie fire”. As the creator, Zhang Yimou is very strict with himself”But I give 100 points to our team and the presentation of last night’s opening ceremony.” He said it was the hard work and creativity of countless people that made last night’s opening ceremony possible. Zhang Yimou revealed that after the opening ceremony, the “Bird’s Nest” has started preparing for the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter OlympicsZhang Yimou said that the focus of the closing ceremony is to present the “Double Olympic” moments because the “Bird’s Nest” is the only stadium that will host the “double Olympic” opening and closing ceremoniesIn addition to the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, some sidelights also caused widespread concern. A Lebanese athlete was nicknamed “Deng Chao of the Winter Olympics” by netizens because of his “fiendish” pace, “How handsome the flag bearer of Hong Kong is!”Boarded out of Hong Kong flag bearer is short track speed skating athletes Zhu Dingwen he says regional flag on the country hosting the games swing is his biggest honor the opening glazing arm and flip-flops flag bearer is American Samoa athletes Nathan g LuPuDui wipe him instead of “cold coated wax prevention” Pacific islands is rich in coconut oil athlete enter.the ringSection become down jacket at the scene of the “grass” Finland delegation is called “penguin with wear take” the British delegation coat “English wind” full “shining snow” in “behind the little pigeon” caused heated performers Xu Shuyuan said I was a little pigeon left behind and then I found my sister sister in the crowd took me into the teamNetizens have left a message: a “pigeon” can not be less comprehensive from China News network (reporter: Zhang Su Chen Hang Xu Peng Peng), Beijing Daily client (reporter: Bai Bo), Xinhua News Agency: Yuan Xiuyue editor: Liang Jing editor: Wang Kai the most beautiful but Chinese wind!Hua Liu is the top current!I heard you were short of wallpaper?A lot of hd graphics are coming and this is our main torch!Beyond imagination!

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