18 Work in the workplace “three steps” (11)

The previous article is about “leverage”, let the environment to achieve their own, this article continues to talk about “leverage”.Second, leverage: let others make you.Xun Zi’s Exhortation to Learn says, “If you climb a height and recruit, your arms will not be lengthened, but you will see farther.When the wind blows, the sound does not add disease.The truth expressed is that one needs to be good at using external forces to succeed.”Borrowing power” also reflects the ability to use leverage to leverage others’ power to do things for yourself. Here, leverage is your resource channel, and fulcrum is your target demand.The use of leverage is different from the use of leverage.As we discussed in our last article, there are three steps to building leverage. It requires you to design an environment and make that environment your leverage.That is to say, the environment is “potential”, which requires you to create this “potential”, or be good at discovering this “potential”, and then use this “potential” as a lever to leverage resources.The leverage of “borrowing power” exists in the normal network operation, which can be used. Of course, the leverage of resource channels in different circles will be greatly different.About the circle layer construction of network resources, you can refer to the previous “get through the workplace network” series of articles, here is no longer repeated.As we all know, the role of leverage is to amplify the effect, or as we often say, “four to two”, a small force to move a large force.In the workplace, “borrow” means to do difficult things with the most effortless resources.In the workplace, we usually do two kinds of things, the most common is naturally “business”, but it is necessary to do some “private” things assigned by leaders or asked by colleagues and friends.”Business and private” is for the nature of the business, but from the perspective of the resources channel, there are “business and private” two forms.Therefore, from the “leverage” point of view, we have to deal with the right four situations in the workplace: stick to business, resist business, beware of business, avoid business.Below, we analyze from the two dimensions of business and private affairs.Business: business and business.As the name implies, “official business” refers to official business in accordance with the principle of official business, not personal feelings;”Business” refers to the business of the business, but with the help of personal feelings and relationships.There’s no doubt in our minds that “business is business” is the norm and the right thing to do in the workplace.”Business” things, the general rules are relatively clear, clear process, high transparency, easy to follow the rules.But there are also gray areas of responsibility, or too much discretion, that make it difficult to get things done professionally, and that leads to relationships that have to be handled personally.Of course, this phenomenon has a lot to do with power corruption and social injustice, which we must resist, but also need the joint efforts of the whole society.Therefore, we should properly handle the channel resources of “business and private affairs” in our work, grasp the boundary and bottom line, and do not bring personal interests to work.In fact, we advocate the “private business”, refers to the business as a private matter to do, take out the private affairs of the kind of dedication to the attitude to do business, as private affairs, as hard, hard, in place, do not worry about the business is not good, many difficult things will be done more smoothly, more effective.This article is part of a series of articles on how to become a Master at Getting things done. This article is part of a series on how to become a Master at getting things done.

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