A shares: Yankuang Energy, Shandong Luqiao and other seven companies important announcement

A shares: Yankuang Energy, Shandong Luqiao and other seven companies important announcementHengfeng Information Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has received the bid-winning notice from Fujian Jinfeng Tendering Agency Co.,Ltd. It is the bid-winning unit of fuzhou University Smart Campus Network Facilities Investment Operation and Maintenance project. The bid-winning amount is RMB 85,180,000.00 (in words:RMB eighty-five million One Hundred and eighty Thousand Only), the specific amount of the project shall be subject to the amount stipulated in the contract.Ii. Yankuang Energy: 2021 A-share restricted stock Incentive Plan This incentive plan intends to grant 62.34 million restricted stock shares to the incentive recipients, accounting for 1.28% of the company’s total share capital of 487,4,1841 shares.The amount of restricted stock granted to any one of the incentive plans does not exceed 1% of the total share capital of the Company prior to the presentation of the Incentive Plan to the Shareholders’ Meeting for consideration.The restricted stock grant price is RMB 11.72 per share.Shandong Hi-speed Road&Bridge Co.,Ltd. The deviation from the closing price increase exceeds 20% in two consecutive trading days (January 26, 27, 2022).According to the relevant provisions of shenzhen Stock Exchange Trading Rules, it belongs to the situation of abnormal stock trading fluctuations.After verification, the company, the controlling shareholder and the actual controller do not have any major matters about the Company that should be disclosed but have not been disclosed or are in the planning stage.Four, mastercard benefit:In accordance with the company’s development strategy and in order to expand online business channels, Hangzhou Wensli Silk Culture Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) invests through its wholly-owned subsidiary Hangzhou Wensli Cultural Creative Development Co., LTD.Together with Liang Bing, Shi Zhaoxiang, Shen Menghui and Lu Shenliang, hangzhou Wanshi Xinlan Silk Co., Ltd. was jointly invested to establish Hangzhou Wanshi Xinlan Silk Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 2 million yuan, of which Hangzhou Wensli Cultural And Creative Development Co., Ltd. invested 700,000 yuan, accounting for 35% of the registered capital.Recently, Hangzhou Wanshixinlan Silk Co., Ltd. completed the industrial and commercial registration procedures and obtained the business license issued by the Market Supervision Administration of Shangcheng District, Hangzhou.The number of restricted shares to be granted under this incentive plan is 1.8 million shares, accounting for approximately 1.49% of 12,084,1867 shares of the company’s total share capital at the time of announcement of this draft incentive Plan.Among them, 1.5840 million shares were granted for the first time, accounting for about 1.31% of the company’s total share capital of 12,084,1867 shares at the time of announcement of this draft incentive plan, and 88.00% of the total amount of rights granted this time;21,600 shares are reserved, accounting for approximately 0.18% of the company’s total share capital of 12,084,1867 shares at the time of announcement of this draft incentive Plan, and the reserved portion accounts for 12.00% of the total amount of rights granted.The grant price of restricted stock under the Plan (including reserved grant) is RMB 22.64 / share.Vi. Xiamen Tungsten Industry:The company held the tenth meeting of the ninth Board of Directors and deliberated and passed the proposal on the Loan provided by the holding subsidiary Xiamen Teng Wang Ge to its shareholding company Tongji Real Estate.Agree that xiamen Tengwangge, the holding subsidiary of the company, intends to provide a loan of no more than 827 million yuan to Tongji Real Estate, its shareholding company, with a term of no more than 18 months, in the form of direct loan or entrusted loan, for the daily operation needs of Tongji Real Estate, repayment of maturing loans and interest purposes, etc.At the same time, it is agreed that the maximum balance of the loan provided by Xiamen Tengwang Pavilion to Tongji Real Estate in 2022 is RMB 105 million, and the fund will be provided in batches according to the actual capital needs of Tongji Real Estate.For the above capital requirements, Xiamen Tengwang Pavilion will simultaneously require Longbang Real Estate to provide funds according to the share ratio.7. Zhongke Star Map: The Company issued a notice on capital increase for its wholly-owned subsidiary.According to the group strategy deployment of the company, the company plans to use its own capital to increase the capital of Space Open Source by RMB 18,888,900 yuan. Upon completion of the capital increase, the registered capital of space Open Source will increase from RMB 11,111 yuan to RMB 20,000.00 yuan;At the same time, the company plans to change its name to “Zhongke Xingtu Defense Technology Co., LTD.” (subject to the final approval of industry and commerce), and its legal representative will be Shao Zongyou, vice chairman and General manager of the company.

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