Anhua: cooperate with enterprises to help them resume work and production

Yiyang Daily · Dayyiyang client news (Reporter Xia Yuanyuan correspondent Huang Liang) On the morning of February 10th, Hunan Huayi Technology Co., LTD., located in anhua Economic Development Zone, officially resumed work.A few days ago, low temperature rain and snow, the company’s factory outside there are still a lot of snow, Anhua after the opening area Party Working Committee, management committee learned of the situation, actively organized personnel to clear snow and deice, to help the enterprise to start work smoothly.Such scenes have been repeated in the Anhua ECONOMIC zone since Feb. 7.”Since February 7, many enterprises in the park have sounded the ‘assembly call’ to resume work and production, and the park is full of vigor and vitality.”Zhou Huashan, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Anhua Economic Development Zone, introduced that in order to boost the rapid resumption of production after the holiday, the Party working Committee and management Committee of anhua Economic Development Zone planned in advance and sent 12 liaison officers to enterprises before the holiday to follow up the epidemic prevention and control of enterprises and on duty during the Spring Festival.They are “liaison officers”, “instructors”, “supervisors” and “participants”, sparing no effort to help enterprises with safety inspections, epidemic prevention and control, and resumption of work and production.Hunan Gaomashan Agricultural Co., Ltd. did not close during the Spring Festival, and completed sales of more than 300,000 yuan in 7 days during the holiday, achieving a “good start” in sales.Hunan Osai Technology Co., Ltd. started production on February 3. The company strictly implemented all regulations in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, carried out safety production education and safety risk investigation, and has been operating at full capacity.The company entered the park in August last year and put into operation, with an output value of more than 40 million yuan in 2021.In January this year, the new orders reached more than 50 million yuan, which is expected to exceed 100 million yuan in 2022.February 7, the first day of work after the festival, coincides with the arrival of a new round of rain and snow weather.The park releases early warning information in a timely manner and strictly implements the 24-hour on-duty and leadership shift system to ensure timely and proper handling of all kinds of emergencies.Anhua Economic development Zone organized party members and cadres to clear snow and ice and clear roadblocks to ensure the safety and smooth flow of roads in the zone and provide transportation guarantee for the smooth resumption of work of enterprises.At the same time, relevant departments and professionals were quickly organized to go into the enterprises, guide them to carry out safety training before the resumption of work and production, conduct a comprehensive investigation of production safety risks, put forward 7 safety rectification measures for 3 enterprises, and guide the rectification in place.Up to now, the three enterprises have passed the rectification and acceptance, and the pass rate is 100%.At present, more than 60 enterprises in anhua Economic development Zone have resumed work and production one after another, and it is expected that by February 16, the rate of resumption of work and production will be over 95%, laying a solid foundation for the “good start” of the first quarter economic indicators.

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