If we do not reply to the group message, all the employees of the company will be fined 200 yuan. Lawyer: The company has no right to punish

A guangdong company has been fined 200 yuan for failing to respond to a group message, according to Internet reports.In this regard, the company replied: indeed this matter, according to the rules and regulations to deal with.After the incident, # the company responded that employees were fined 200 yuan for not replying to group messages #, the related topic quickly became a hot search, causing a lot of netizens to gather around!Event review web images show, internal chat groups within a company in guangdong, relevant personnel administrative penalties posted a message, said that given the inquire on January 10, 2022 points, in the company within the group after the holiday notice, full 2 hours no reply, that is in violation of the measures for the management of enterprise WeChat use company will punish, full fined 200 yuan.On February 15, a staff member of zhongzhihua Wei Management Consulting Co., Ltd. responded that the punishment was in accordance with the company’s regulations and rules.Netizens hot discussion netizens said they had encountered a similar situation netizens questioned the rationality of the company’s behavior!Some netizens complain that wechat and other instant messaging apps blur the boundaries between work and life…Is the Wechat Usage Management Method established by the company effective?Is the fine of 200 yuan proposed by the company legal?President invited labor law expert He Yongqiang, in-depth interpretation for you!Expert interpretation asks: whether the “wechat use management measures” formulated by the enterprise is effective?Expert: To discuss whether this event is legal, we should first see whether the system implemented by reference is legal.The concept of “legitimacy” includes two aspects: one is whether the content of the Measures is legal, and the other is whether the implementation of the Measures has gone through democratic procedures.According to relevant laws and regulations, the enterprise’s rules and regulations should go through the legal procedures, including whether the system through the discussion of the congress, whether the implementation of the system is informed by the employees, etc.Q: is it legal for companies to impose fines?Expert: illegal, enterprise does not have punish power!According to the provisions of China’s “Administrative Punishment Law”, the punishment of property can only be set by laws, regulations and rules.Unit of choose and employ persons has no power to fine, even if unit of choose and employ persons has clear system regulation, also cannot regard as the basis of fine.Source: Jimu News, Shanghai News Broadcast, Sina Weibo

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