Monster Hunter Rise released the quest “Memories of that Day” to complete the equipment production materials

Monster Hunter: Rise today announced a new campaign mission, “Memories of that Day,” which is now available on Switch.Task acceptance requires Internet connection, after downloading can play offline.Objective: To hunt 1 Kamaku Dragon King, 1 Piofosaurus and 1 Kenghu Dragon Destination: Abandoned Shrine Participation/undertaking Conditions: HR4 + Remuneration:The large DLC “Dawn”, which can produce the material of appearance equipment “blooming”, will be officially launched on June 30, 2022. Pre-order is now open, and the pre-order price of standard edition in China is 243 YUAN.The game is also currently available on Switch’s Japanese eshop for a mere 3,950 yen (206 yuan) as of March 29.

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