Open source B station to download video, live, comic tools

A Qt C++ development of open source tools, used to download B station video, live, comics, easy to use, intuitive interface.B23Downloader B23Downloader is a download tool used to parse videos, cartoons, and live streams.It’s pretty easy to use, just paste the URL.You can scan the code to log in and download the video of the member:This website does not support links to user-contributed videos. It does not support links to interactive video episodes. This website does not support links to course videos and comics.B22. Top comic short chain part types can be used with numbers:Video BV or AV number, such as BV1ab411c7St or AV35581924 EPISODE SSID or EPID, such as SS28341 or EP281280Live + live room number, such as Live6 is basically put in the URL of station B,Basically like @pplsdu said: “Great, this tool lets you batch download videos for offline learning.”Get GitHub:

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