Recreating the “Fu Lin Gate” of Meipan Village

“My biggest feeling is that the ecological environment has improved and green mountains and clear waters have returned.”Peng Jin, who is in his 50s, has been a village cadre for more than 30 years and has witnessed the whole process of the village’s environment changing from good to bad and from bad to good.Fulin town, where Peng Jin lived for most of his life, is located in the north of Changsha County, Hunan Province. It is the hometown of Chen Shuxiang, the red Army division commander who was “heartbroken and mingzhi”.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the reporter braved the rain to The town of Fulin, along the road to see are “green” rural scenery, houses like, fresh air.The picture shows the rural scenery of Fulin Town.Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Liangheng local cadres and masses told reporters, although the name “Fulin Town” is very pleasing, but because of its relatively remote location, compared with the industrial developed townships and streets in the south of Changsha County, Fulin town is relatively backward.Just over 10 years ago, most of the people still depended on farming and raising pigs for a living.Ancient Huashan village was the town of Fulin “pig village”.From 1990 to 2010, guhuashan Village, at the peak of pig breeding, “every family had a pig house, and every family was busy raising pigs”.The village covers an area of 7.2 square kilometers, and produces 1230,000 hogs annually, with a stock of 40,000 to 50,000, far exceeding the carrying capacity of the environment.Raising pigs not only helps farmers increase their income, but also causes incalculable environmental pollution.Peng Jin, the party chief in Guhuashan, recalls that the village was filled with an acrid stench, the concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the water was 11 times higher than the legal limit and heavy metals in the soil.Many villagers rely on raising pigs to build small houses, but they have to step on garbage, breathe in stench, and even buy bottled water to drink, wash rice, and wash vegetables.Excrement water cross flow, smelly pollution disaster areas, so that the town of Fu Lin people suffered, paid a heavy price.’The ecological environment has been severely damaged,’ said Lu Yu, party secretary of Fulin Township. ‘The extensive free-range pig farming model cannot be sustained.’Since 2012, the local government has decided to control pollution from livestock and poultry breeding and carry out the orderly return of live pigs.The picture shows a small water body under treatment in Fulin Town.The Xinhua News Agency reporters Liu Liangheng perturbation Relying on county issued relevant policy, lam town to mobilize the party members and cadres, follow villager celebrity together to battle, the villagers publicity on the importance of pollution, restoration of ecological environment, the integrated use of a variety of means, to guide farmers housing demolition of illegal construction, to control the scale of breeding environment can host range.”I came to work in the village in 2014. As soon as I took office, I cooperated with the town Party Committee and government to demolish the piggery. In that year, the village demolished more than 200,000 square meters.”Huang Wei, secretary of yingzhushan Village branch, told reporters that at that time, many villagers did not understand. After town and village cadres explained the environmental protection policy and did ideological work, gradually the villagers came to understand, and a large number of pig houses were removed one after another.While implementing orderly retirement, while sparing no effort to restore the ecology.Fulin has invested tens of millions of yuan in the treatment of more than 500 heavily polluted mountains and ponds in the town, and has also planted trees and scattered quicklime to repair the soil contaminated by heavy metals.Duan Shenfa, a veteran party member of Guhuashan Village, said, “I never expected that in just a few years, the mountains, ponds and ditches would become clear again, and there would be fish again.”With the improvement of ecological environment, culture and tourism industry in Fulin Town is heating up gradually.Lu yu told reporters that more and more tourists came to visit Chen shuxiang’s former residence to remember revolutionary martyrs and feel the red culture.In 2021 alone, Fulin received more than 400,000 visitors.Many once raised pig big household also found development door way.Cao Wulin, a tongxin villager, used to raise 300 or 400 pigs at most, but now he raises more than 20 cows.’Cattle don’t pay as much as pigs, but the pollution is much less,’ he told reporters.In order to leave a good environment for future generations, it is worthwhile to make a little sacrifice.Some cadres and the masses say that today Fulin town has got rid of the pollution problem and recovered to be a happy place with beautiful ecology, thriving culture and flourishing popularity.Disclaimer: This article is from We-media, tiantian online news client, and does not represent tiantian online’s views and positions.Spring go | at the grass-roots level to reproduce shan beauty to “fook lam moon” – hunan pig big town of rebirth Zhao Shengqiang _DGENOA

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