The Ministry of Education jointly issued a notice to prevent a comeback of after-school supplementary classes

Blink of an eye, in late November, the semester is almost half way, to say the biggest change of this term, I’m afraid is the tuition fee reduction for students.Enacted in July “weekend” system, make the students’ homework has been greatly promoted, do your homework at night, especially among primary and middle school students, has become the norm, even some parents to brag about their children, feel their children don’t sleep at night is a kind of glory, but in fact, it also has a great influence on the growth of children.Therefore, this time “ShuangJian”, is in order to reduce the workload of family, let the students daily homework more stringent, grade one, two, are not allowed to do homework, and the rest of the class, can also according to the schedule, divided into more than an hour and a half hours, but on the whole, the biggest change is the tutorial.Say cram school, who didn’t cram lessons?This is a normal thing and the best way for many parents to improve their study.During holidays, summer and winter vacations, and weekends, nine subjects are not allowed to be taught. In other words, the most critical nine subjects cannot be taught, and private tutoring is also not allowed. Many big schools will close, which makes parents feel complicated.Happily, they will not send their sons to college during the holidays, nor will they waste too much money, but they are depressed that learning in school is too important to them, because they do not have enough resources to study.That is to say, if children are not given cram school, then they have to rely on themselves for their study and do not need to go to other cram school, which can provide children with more time.But in general, this course also has a disadvantage, that is, under the influence of “double subtraction”, the courses of the subject have changed, mainly in the middle of the week, in some places, even the weekend will be banned, let alone new classes.In addition, the time limit for the training company is also very strict, such as the training of more than eight o ‘clock every day, the working hours of the online training center shall not exceed nine, but also in weekends and holidays, so many training companies admit that doing so is a loss.The disappearance of cram schools has left more parents stranded, they want to avoid learning, but also want to study, it is the best of both worlds, many people are wondering, will cram schools come back?The answer is very difficult.Various ministries jointly issued notice, cram schools have no hope, the “double down”, this is to prevent the resurgence of the cram school, therefore, the Ministry of Education and seven related departments, has issued a document, to strict management school and cram school, but also to strengthen the preparatory work of schools and kindergartens.The main content is that, whether mainstream, online or offline, all schools should be prohibited from Posting or Posting various forms of advertising on campus. They will be subject to strict supervision, and any schools that violate the regulations will be severely punished.In the past, the training classes outside were all publicized by various media, but once they were controlled and without these materials, no one would go to cram schools, and it was impossible to go to cram schools like before, where there were all kinds of cram courses. In many cases, many people were fooled by these schools.”ShuangJian” policy, is not to let the school rise again, and, more importantly, let the children and their parents can happy, before too many “doubles”, for children, will only bring more benefits, besides, the ban on this time also is very strict, including the childishness and amateur, as if to put these cram all to kill.Now teaching in the school less and less, the school teaching is becoming more and more be taken seriously, so parents and teachers should often contact, have a better understanding of them on their own studies, after all, now the school, most of the schools will not open their own achievements, will only in the manner of ABC, so no one will know your accomplishments,Only through communication with the class teacher, so that they can better grasp their own results.

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