What is the difference between TF card and SD card

The difference is that SD cards can support SDIO mode, which means they can perform memory-independent tasks such as Bluetooth, GPS, and near field communication.The TF card cannot perform such tasks, and the other two are almost interchangeable.What is TF card for mobile phone users, see a very small and thin expandable memory card, that is TF card.The TF card is the smallest memory card, so to speak.TF stands for TransFlash and was jointly developed by Toshiba and Sandi in 2004 and later renamed Micro SD Card after being acquired by SD Society at the end of the same year.The TF card then officially became a member of SD products.MOTOROLA, for example, was the first phone to include a TF card.Modern Android phones have moved away from this kind of expandable storage, but Samsung still uses microSD cards these days.While TF cards are rare in mobile phones, they appear in other compact digital devices, such as dashcams, flying drones or GPS devices.What is SD Card The SD Card (Secure Digital Card) was released by Panasonic, Toshiba and Sandi in August 1999.It is a new generation of memory device based on semiconductor flash memory.When it comes to choosing an SD card, many of us tend to include microSD cards in this category.However, the two concepts should not be confused again, because microSD cards are TF cards, which are mainly distinguished by their name “micro”.SD cards are portable and light, but they surpass TF cards in size and are usually suitable for larger digital devices such as digital cameras, digital personal assistants (DPA), multimedia players, and sometimes even desktop or laptop computers that have a slot for an SD card!

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