Yesterday’s sun does not dry today’s wet clothes

Deleted my nine years of emotional dribs and drabs, there are precious photos, and that I moved a piece of screenshots, suddenly think of you when the soliloquy.How many nine years of life, this silly love for a lifetime there will be a few times, and there are a few people are free to talk nonsense, very emotional, with the nine points to prove I love you, the last point is to leave their self-esteem, do so long dream don’t want to wake up, wake up unconsciously is impolite, begins with willing, finally “original”, don’t be investigated for right and wrong,But there seems to be a sense of ceremony at the end, ha ha!I really don’t know how I survived these months. I don’t want to believe that everything before is an illusion, and I don’t want you to hook your fingers suddenly. My efforts have come back to the origin.

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