Drug trafficker Yang Guohua was executed according to law

Linxia Intermediate People’s Court executed Yang Guohua, male, born on February 6, 1988, shidian County, Yunnan Province, farmer.In December 2018, Yang Guohua contacted the co-defendant Yu Xiaoqiang (sentenced) to discuss transporting drugs, and asked Yu Xiaoqiang to find a person with a driving license to drive, Yu Xiaoqiang then found his cousin Zhou Mou Hua.On December 20 of the same year, Yang Guohua instructed Yu xiaoqiang to take drugs from others near xiaozhulou Hotel in Nansan Town, Zhenkang County, Yunnan Province, and the two men together hid the drugs in the back seat of Yu’s Yun SA***3 BYD car.Subsequently, Yang Guohua driving cloud MA***9 Audi car in front of the road, Yu Xiaoqiang, Zhou Mou Hua driving cloud SA***3 BYD car to follow, ready to go to Gansu province together.When he arrived near Shidian county in Yunnan Province, the no.3 BYD car of Cloud SA*** broke down. Yang Guohua rented a No.7 Honda SUV of Cloud MC*** from a car rental company, and transferred the drugs to the trunk of the car together with Yu Xiaoqiang.When he went to Lixian county in Gansu Province, Yang Guohua drove a cloud MA*** no. 9 Audi car broke down, and it rented a Gan KR*** no. 6 hyundai SUV from the rental company, and again transferred drugs to the car with Yu Xiaoqiang in the trunk.After Yang Guohua driving cloud MC***7 Honda SUV in front of the road, Yu Xiaoqiang, Zhou Mou Hua driving by Gan KR***6 modern SUV to follow, jointly rushed to Sanjia town, Guanghe County, Gansu Province.At 16:00 on December 24, three people in sanjia market town jiha mosque near the delivery of drugs to others were arrested by police, on the spot from gan KR***6 Hyundai SUV trunk seized 18 228.07 grams of heroin.The criminal Yang Kwok-hua violated the national drug control laws and regulations by ganging up to transport heroin, which constituted the crime of drug transport.The quantity of transporting drugs is particularly huge, and the social harm is serious, and it is the principal offender with the most prominent criminal responsibility in joint crimes, and should be punished according to law.In our hospital in order to safeguard national law, crack down on drug crime and protect citizens’ physical and mental health, on the basis of the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China in the second paragraph of article three hundred and forty-seven (1), paragraph 1 of article 25, paragraph 1 of article 26, paragraph 1 of article 57, the provisions of article sixty-four, to transport drug charges and sentenced to criminal Yang gh death and deprived of political rights for life,Confiscation of all personal property.After the sentencing, Yang Guohua refused to accept, filed an appeal.The higher People’s Court of Gansu Province rejected the appeal, upheld the original judgment, and submitted it to the Supreme People’s Court for approval in accordance with the law.Yang Guohua, a drug trafficker, was sentenced to death by the Supreme People’s Court, deprived of his political rights for life and had all his personal property confiscated.In accordance with the execution order issued by the President of the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China, the court confirmed Yang Guohua’s identity and executed him by injection on February 17, 2022.Source: Linxia Intermediate People’s Court

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