Shenzhen three anti tablet manufacturers three anti fan-less industrial tablet computer advantages analysis

Embedded is three tablets without fan industry advantage analysis is three tablets without fan industry specifically for industrial field and planning organization compact computer, mainly in order to easy to use, easy to carry, and large capacity battery, in the absence of power supply by the battery to work long hours, three tablet is a kind of enhanced industrial computer,It can operate reliably as an industrial controller in an industrial environment.Common embedded three-protection fan-less industrial tablet PC include box industrial PC, fan-less three-protection fan-less industrial tablet PC, etc.The embedded three-proof fan-less industrial tablet computer has reliable performance, fan-less structure, compact size, low price, and strong robustness, which must meet the production and living requirements under various harsh conditions.Therefore, this kind of three-proof tablet computer is increasingly widely used in real production work.1. The function of the three-proof tablet product has good suitability, which is almost completely matched with the function of the tested and controlled target. It has certain strong scalability but does not take expansion as the primary purpose, so the product has high cost performance;Numerous functional interfaces can be loaded with many external devices.Increase production capacity.2. The miniaturization of the three-proof flat plate device is one of the primary performance, which is manifested as compact planning. There is no standard for structural planning, so the reasonable use of external interface and installation space should be fully considered.Portability is one of the main features of this three-proof tablet.Hand strap, shoulder strap, handbag, compact and labor-saving absolutely practical and convenient.3, the three anti-plate fastness requirements are high. On the basis of satisfactory electrical function fastness planning, we should carefully consider the heat dissipation planning, TM4 explosion-proof certification, 4-6K electromagnetic compatibility planning, IP67 dustproof and waterproof planning, anti-sensation planning and other fastness planning content;4. Three-proof flat ultra-low power fan is planned as the main stream.Due to the miniaturization of the device, the heat dissipation ability is limited, and the embedded system MTBF (16000 ma large capacity battery, uniform fail-free continuous working time) is also very high requirements, especially in the unattended class use, ultra-low power fan planning becomes necessary.

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