Shizuishan Detachment to carry out health first aid skills training

In order to further improve the ability of fire rescue personnel to deal with emergencies in the process of duty preparation, fire fighting and rescue, shizuishan Detachment recently organized the training of health first aid skills.Detachment planning in advance, carefully organized, the organs on full attendance headquarters personnel and grass-roots fire rescue personnel to carry out training.In the training process, the teacher first explained the emergency use of AED, the way of use, the operation process and so on, and demonstrated the use method for the trainees.The trainees were familiar with the AED automatic external defibrillator one by one, and conducted on-site consultation on related application problems.Then, the teacher introduced the correct operation method of CPR in detail, and used dummy to conduct operation demonstration teaching.The trainees have practiced the operation and basically mastered the use of CPR.The training content is practical and the effect is good. All the fire rescue personnel have a basic grasp of the training content and achieve the training purpose.Through this training, the emergency rescue ability of fire and rescue personnel in the rescue process was effectively improved, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth completion of various combat training and war preparation tasks.Shizuishan Fire Department’s wechat account: szsxf119 Email:

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