World Preliminary 1-1 shock!With Colombia almost out of the top five for the 2.5 spots, Chile’s survival hangs in the balance

Beijing time on February 2, the third round of game World Cup South America area, home match against Ecuador, Peru, it is a matter for the focus of the war, the world ranking of Ecuador, 46 draw 1-1 against Peru, on the road to get after 1 minute, Ecuador continue ranked third, while Peru ranked fifth.Ecuador are not traditionally a strong team in South America, but they were a strong third in the preliminary round of the World Cup, and there was another surprise against Peru, ranked 22nd in the world.Less than two minutes into the game, Ecuador scored to give the visitors a surprise 1-0 lead thanks to a goal from Estrada.After conceding the goal, Peru went on a rampage and it was not until the 69th minute of the second half that they were finally able to equalise with a header from Quique Flores, giving both sides a 1-1 draw with one point each.After the draw, there are only two matches left in the Qualifying round of the South American World Cup, with 2.5 places remaining besides Brazil and Argentina.Six points behind fifth-placed Peru, with a goal difference of eight and not as good as their former rivals, The Bolivians are believed to have no chance.It now appears that the remaining 2.5 spots will be filled by five teams — Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Colombia.Ecuador are six points ahead of Chile and with a goal difference of 11, they are guaranteed a top five place if nothing goes wrong.As for Colombia, they hope that there is no doubt that the smallest in the top five, while the last two rounds against Bolivia and venezuela and Colombia have the opportunity to 6 points, but they are now Peru 4 points behind, and Uruguay’s gap is 5 points, as long as the two teams get victory 1 respectively, Colombia is definitely the first five.Peru play Uruguay and Paraguay in the final two games, and they have a good chance of beating the eliminated side at home.As for Uruguay, they could end Colombia’s hopes by hosting Peru in the next round, so they are virtually out of the tournament.Chile’s situation is not good either. They face Brazil in the next round and are likely to be badly beaten. They also face Uruguay in the last round, a fixture that has put their lives on the line, and it will take a miracle for them to come back.Comprehensive analysis above, this world preliminary round, South America top five in addition to Brazil and Argentina, the other three teams may be Ecuador, Uruguay and Peru, we say?

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