In Huludao city, Liaoning province, nucleic acid tests were carried out on 519,000 people, and 631 people were screened for secret contacts and sub-secret contacts

From 0:00 to 1800 hours on February 10, huludao City, Liaoning Province reported 19 new local confirmed COVID-19 cases.Today (February 10), Huludao City, Liaoning Province held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. Wei Zuwei, deputy director of Huludao City Health Commission, introduced the situation of epidemic prevention and control at the press conference: Huludao city used big data information technology to accurately target at-risk groups.Up to now, all confirmed cases have been monitored, and the correlation between the confirmed cases has been initially confirmed.A total of 631 secret contacts and sub-secret contacts have been investigated and quarantined.With the support of provincial expert group and makeshift laboratory, the nucleic acid testing capacity of huludao city has reached 120,000 pieces per day.So far, 519,000 people have completed nucleic acid tests.Two rounds of key tests were conducted on 11,800 people in Jiabiyan township, where Woling village is located.(Source: CCTV News client)

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