S6.5 Genting brainless eating points lineup!Pinduoduo mice with hands can win

Genting S6.5 season update many fetter, hero of implement and equipment, many people should adapt to the new season, it is the case, playing version not hit squad operating, is expected by the other player, the old seven old eight out of the door, swearing to exit the genting, finally only swear again is the dog playing, result the second day again open the genting continue to journey of abuse.Now you don’t have to worry about his will not operate in the new season is not the point, because have a fresh has no need of operations, the squad is a lot of spelling mice, belong to bet on a dog flow mechanics, the main C are low card, not afraid to get card, and a row can take equipment, the main C god forming fast, well please donate said, play on.1. Team members & fetters squad members: mice, werewolves, gold, steel blue shadow, time, EZ, Ike, jess squad fetters: 5 inventor, 3 gold, 2 precision, geek, 2 assassins, 2 challenger the fetters of the squad did not waste any a piece effect, looks like a few of CARDS, actually collocation gives excellent results, in the late war force is very strong.2. Core equipment Main C Mouse: Endless, Whisper, Hurricane, endless and Whisper output maximized, Hurricane speed up mouse clearing ability.Main C Mouse replacement: Blue BUFF, Slayer Sword, Monster.This option is made without endless whispers, the Blue BUFF will speed up mouse clearance, and the Killer Sword and Monster will provide higher damage.Ike: Ghost book, if you have ice heart, you can bring Ike another ice heart, so Ike can jump behind his opponent to slow down his attack speed.Hex Tech’s top three picks for Pinto Duo Mouse are: Alchemical Tech Front, Featherweight, Smoke Bomb followed by Smash, Ludden’s Echo, And Direct Vulnerability, which can increase damage to your lineup, or recover.4. At the beginning of the lineup transition, priority should be given to grab the big sword and boxing gloves to be the equipment of the mouse.Enter the game, the three population is the best mouse, green steel shadow and alchemy, no matter, just a few one fee card to eat consecutive defeat, such as the arrival of the hero lineup needed to replace the field card.Stage 2 better not upgrade the population, according to the game upgrade pace, eat five consecutive defeats, take the mouse equipment, so to stage 3-1, you have at least 50 dollars.Right now you still 4 level, 1 fee card occurrence probability is extremely high, wait for finish stone, spend the more than 50 dollars that go up on the body, search card with all one’s strength, give 4 a fee card chase 3, even if your luck is bad, failed to chase a piece of Samsung a fee card, also can save a lot of quantity.Stage 3-2 naturally raise 5 levels, save money to 50 pieces, and then card interest slowly D card, give all one fee card chase and two fee card chase three, if your health is not very healthy, you can spend the 50 pieces saved again, improve the card quality on the field lock blood.5 population stage has no hard and fast requirements for the card, which card is of high quality on which one, there is no need to deliberately gather together feet and give up the hero of high star.5. The population must raise the mouse to Samsung, and the mouse to Samsung, and not less than two Samsung cards on the field, you can go all the way to the population of level 8, find Jess to gather 5 inventors, no Jess before you can use a Salany instead.Green Steel Shadow, Jace, Alchemy, Werewolf and Inventor Summoner stand in the first row to resist damage, Mouse and Ike stand in the back against the enemy position C, EZ and Time stand together.If the mouse jumps in front of the C position, it will be killed. You can place the mouse on the back edge to avoid being killed.Normally speaking, after the mice shape is to kill other lineup, unless you meet very Hu Emperor, hope to play genting, you can try this refreshing bet dog play.

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