Sui Tang, who is apparently pregnant with four children, has been married for seven years and has two sons and a daughter

Actress Sui Tang, 41, is reportedly pregnant with her fourth child, according to her manager.Because of love sajiao, hot body, by many netizens in pursuit.But few people know, the career of sui Tang, the same “good life” outside the play.In 2015, She married her boyfriend Tony, who had been dating for a year and had an annual income of more than 10 million yuan. Soon after, they gave birth to their eldest son Max. In 2017, they gave birth to their daughter Lucy and their youngest son Olie.The most important thing is that during the seven years of their marriage, Sui Tang and Tony always loved each other deeply.Even if the middle had faced emotional crisis, but “bed fight bed end and”, soon two people reconciled, absolutely worthy of the name is “entertainment circle, rich family circle” in the rare model husband and wife.On February 17, media broke the news again, claiming that Sui Tang, 41, has been pregnant with four children for some time.Media said Sui had raised pregnancy suspicions as early as Last October when she was photographed wearing flat shoes at an event.At first sui tang denied it, saying the outfit was made by a stylist.But with many times after being photographed to attend the event, Sui Tang wearing loose clothes, feet on flat shoes or flat slippers, coupled with sui Tang’s own body shape reason is difficult to see the pregnancy, so inevitably make people doubt.Really “sit real” Sui Tang pregnant, or some time ago was photographed appeared in a TV building, in the doorway with a male fans kind photo.In the picture, Sui Tang has loose-fitting clothes and jeans, but she still has a lot of weight, especially in her stomach, which has obvious bumps. The whole person looks pregnant.Unexpectedly, when asked by the media, sui Tang’s agent gave an “ambiguous” response, neither admitting nor denying that “I have not listened to her at present”.However, there are also suspicious voices, think Sui Tang may just put on weight, not pregnant.Because in early February, Sui Tang also posted his fitness photos on the social platform, full of sweat, good figure, especially exposed part of the lower abdomen, or can clearly see the waistcoat line, does not look like “pregnant for a long time”.If possible, or hope sui Tang himself can personally come forward to confirm.If really “pregnant with four children”, is also a blessing attitude, wish sui Tang family life is getting better and better, has been happy.(Original article, without permission, is strictly prohibited, offenders will investigate!)

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