Wang Liang, director of wuhu city’s original prevention office, was publicly sentenced for taking bribes

Reporter from the Jinghu District Court learned that the court recently sentenced the defendant Wang Liang to 11 years in prison for taking bribes, and fined one million yuan, the criminal property to be recovered, turned over to the state Treasury.The sentencing was conducted by remote video.Jinghu District Court found that: from 2006 to 2018, the defendant Wang Liang served as the former director of Chaohu Tourism Bureau, wuhu Civil Air Defense Office party secretary, director, the use of his power and position to form the convenient conditions, through the conduct of other state personnel on the job, for others to seek improper interests.From 2012 to 2020, defendant Wang Liang solicited and illegally accepted property from others totaling 1,878,925 million yuan, of which 3,878,925 million yuan was attempted.Wang Liang court that the defendant as a state functionary who, by taking advantage of his office, extort property, and illegally accept others benefit for others, using his office, position, formation of the convenient conditions, through the staff position on the behavior of other countries for others to seek improper interests, illegally accepting others property, its behavior constituted a bribery,The amount of bribery amounted to 1,878,925 million yuan, which was extremely large and should be severely punished according to law.Among them, the defendant Wang Liang took bribes of 3,878,925 million yuan for reasons other than his will and failed to succeed, which is an attempted crime and can be given a lighter punishment compared to the accomplished crime.The defendant Wang Liang truthfully confessed the facts of the crime after arriving at the case, and voluntarily confessed to the punishment, according to the law can be given a lighter or more lenient punishment.The family of the defendant Wang Liang can be given a lighter punishment for withdrawing the illegal income of 8 million yuan on his behalf.The defendant Wang Liang has solicited bribe plot, should be given a heavier punishment according to law.Accordingly, mirror lake district court to make the above judgment.Source: Dajiang Evening News

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