Did you notice the new CX-4 local detail exposure

In terms of the appearance level of compact coupe SUV, I think CX-4 should be able to set up a benchmark model, but now there are more and more models calling themselves “coupe SUV”, and CX-4 has welcomed its new modification to continue to lead the trend.The front of the new MAZDA CX-4 features atz’s “Soul 2.0” design, a dot-matrix air intake grille and chrome trim placed under the headlights, simplifying the fog lamp area for a more elegant look.Meanwhile, the new MAZDA CX-4 has a new design of two-color wheels, which we don’t know if will increase in size.The new MAZDA CX-4 has been enhanced in details, such as a dent in the door handle, to emphasize the unity of the design.The biggest highlight of the interior is its new color — the new car interior uses red and black elements, giving people a strong sense of combat, from the effect of this picture is still very good.Combined with the design of the new MAZDA CX-4, we can see that the outline of the vehicle is not the focus of the upgrade, and the front is very restored.The rear shape of the new car still retains the exhaust pipe with a single side, and the designer has optimized the internal structure of the taillight. According to my estimation, the new car will adopt the light cavity element similar to that of the new atz, and the lighting effect will be more delicate.In February, the new generation of Mazda CX-4 guangxi Ma Zhiyue Flagship store high-quality new car resources, waiting for you to buy what are you waiting for?Location: No.36 Nanzhan Avenue, Jiangnan District, Nanning City. The event will be held from February 20, 2022 to February 22, 2022

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