Kamen Rider: A new form of fan-made Levis, including zenos dolphin and Timmons squid

False face knight, is the 50th anniversary of the knight series mark knight, salute each basic form is in before a knight, so is equivalent to the fusion of two holster on appearance, this design also provides a lot of fans with inspiration, the primary knight in the honor and only the first knight, let a lot of fans salute began to design the first deputy knight Alt mode,For example, the following 6 forms, interested friends may wish to comment on which is more interesting.Giant Dragonfly: The flying form transformed with the giant dragonfly seal is a salute to kameen knight Evol. The animal prototype is the extinct giant dragonfly with a wingspan of more than 1 meter. The leather case prototype is the form of cobra.Wes’s armor looks like it was taken from Evol and put on directly. The dragonfly element is not very obvious and would not be recognized without the seal pattern.Timmons squid: Euluga transforms into Timmons kamen knight and then uses the “Great Squid Seal” to transform into an enhanced form. The whole body is covered with white squid, which can make his body liquid and avoid damage to the maximum extent. It can be called a semi-finished immortal body.This form is in the works and has a high chance of appearing, but it is likely to appear in the form of a whip or a gun. If it is possible, the black Tyrannosaur form of Levis would be useless.Zero Noth dolphin: this form pays tribute to kana knight Zero Noth, with Altair form as the blueprint and the fusion of dolphin elements redesigned, is still purple and blue pink three-color painting, the face is realistic dolphin badge, originally thought that the animal with zero Noth is a cow, did not expect it is a dolphin, also do not know what to think.Wes’s appearance is still simple, with green shoulder and arm armor replaced. The red-eyed dolphin on his helmet looks scary, fitting wes’s demon identity.Mechanical Tyrannosaurus: Based on the design of the four former knights of Thunder, the shape is basically the same as the Eggshell dragon of Levi, but changed a color, the biggest change is the helmet, become mechanical style.The design idea of this form is derived from leavis’ black Tyrannosaurus rex, which debuted in February, and would be more handsome if it were made into a leather case.Swan form: It is estimated that many people do not think that this form is a tribute to Kana Paladkus, the prototype is jigsaw player Lv.50, if you do not look closely, you can not find it, put on Levi’s exclusive leather coat painting looks very ugly, like a clown wearing a mask.In my opinion, since it is a swan theme, we should pay tribute to kamen Knight’s electric King Wing form, or Kamen Knight white bird can also change the color, and it will be more handsome.Flame carnotaurus: set to upgrade, in the form of tyrannosaurus rex is behind the huge black gray cloak, body armor is given priority to with terra-cotta-colored, pink, yellow, overall modelling and tyrannosaurus form almost the same, the only difference is the head of the dinosaur modelling more evil, but still can see is color change form, but much stronger than the official pure color change form, also looks more strong wind model.The above 6 forms are all designed by fans, and the drawing level is not very high, mainly to express the design idea of transformation form to people, so which form do you think is more interesting?

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