61 farmers’ markets in Xiamen have been upgraded to complete online appearance level and functions

Market supervision and law enforcement officers check the listing vouchers of farmers’ market vendors.(Photo provided by Municipal Market Regulation Bureau) Farmers’ markets are the “vegetable basket” and “rice bag” of millions of households, and are the frontier window to show the city’s taste and civilized image.In recent years, Xiamen Market Supervision Administration has started from the project of building a civilized city and creating a happy people’s livelihood, and has made great efforts in standardization and standardization. It has actively promoted the transformation and upgrading of farmers’ markets from the two aspects of hardware and management standards, and constantly improved the market environment and service quality.To create a “food safety and hygiene, clean and orderly environment, sophisticated market management, civilized business operation” of the people rest assured market.Up to now, 61 of the city’s 101 farmers’ markets have been upgraded.Clean, tidy, spacious, bright…From the level of external appearance to internal management, a series of farmers’ markets have been completely reformed, making people feel comfortable in carrying their “vegetable basket” and buying vegetables at ease.Hardware modification Adjust measures to local conditions “a case” channel spacious clean, placard uniformity, ventilated daylighting is good, sewage drainage smooth, meat, vegetables and seafood booth partition clear – into the shitang the farmer’s market, after the upgrade the orderly stall, a variety of agricultural and sideline products, plus the ceiling hanging lanterns decorate New Year,The thick smell of New Year and the smell of fireworks were blowing in my face.A new “fair scale” will be set up on both sides of the market entrance, and the test results of agricultural residues in the stalls will be displayed on LED screens in real time.Municipal party committee municipal government to the farmer’s market to upgrade work incorporated into the city’s “vegetable basket” project and working for people “, in accordance with the “overall planning, classified implementation, a case” advance the construction of the standardization of train of thought, make guild regulations, booth storefront, internal and external facade, fire control facilities, ventilation, drainage and so on five big class upgrade the hardware implementation of standards.According to statistics, in recent years, the city has invested a total of more than 200 million yuan to carry out standardized transformation and upgrading of more than 60 markets.In order to promote the quality improvement and transformation of farmers’ markets, municipal departments directly under market supervision, construction, fire control, commerce and other departments jointly set up leading groups and offices. At the district level, administrative leaders are responsible for the system. They are involved in the whole process of market transformation and provide services in the whole process.The working mechanism of “one market and one special team” has been established to promote the solution of some difficult problems such as unclear property rights, non-compliance of subjects and non-standard fire fighting in some markets, effectively solving the construction and acceptance problems of fire fighting projects in the market.Market supervision departments also actively lead the introduction of soft environment and humanized facilities, guide the market with conditions to add convenient service facilities, to create a warm, down-to-earth new shopping environment.According to reports, the city has been upgraded 61 farmers markets, equipped with a total of 32 blind roads or barrier-free access, additional drinking water points, rest chairs and other 25, set up clinics or equipped with emergency rescue packages 23;Improve the integration of parking resources around 42 markets, adding 385 parking Spaces;Pine and Cypress market, Jinshang market and other voluntary service desks, and set up complaint reporting points in the market, in a prominent position of the public complaint reporting telephone, responsible for the handling of consumer complaints, strict requirements of business owners in accordance with the law and regulations, law-abiding integrity, to ensure fair trading, and earnestly protect the rights and interests of consumers.The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau specially produced and released the Standardized Management Guide manual for Xiamen Farmers’ Markets. The market supervision bureau of each district carried out publicity and education for market managers according to the requirements of the manual.After guidance, after upgrading the market are equipped with professional management institutions and management personnel, management system on the wall publicity;Business owners according to the requirements of the strict implementation of the certificate publicity system, in the unified location of the bright light, the implementation of the “three guarantees in front of the door” responsibility, to achieve self-production from the clean;The market environment is clean and orderly, and the management level and overall image continue to improve.The farmers’ markets after upgrading are all equipped with open testing rooms, which provide free testing services for 59 items of pesticide residues, formaldehyde, borax and other agricultural and sideline products to the public through the mode of “you point and I check”.Once discover unqualified produce to stop selling immediately, take harmless change to handle by the requirement, destroy wait for measure, in time conspicuous position announces produce sampling to examine result, unqualified produce to handle a circumstance to wait, had “quality close”.In the food safety testing room of the recently renovated gaolin Market, inspectors randomly check about 20 batches of vegetables, seafood, meat, dry goods and other food every day, and timely publish the test results on the electronic display outside the testing room.According to market management unit staff of the business management the lake of xiamen international trust &investment co., LTD., the market is the introduction of large data monitoring, through each stall in intelligent electronic traceability scale commodity trading data, real time display on a big screen at the entrance of the market, people buy food before you can take a look at the screen, do “relationship”, rest assured purchase.”In addition to the market set up in the ‘fresh listing voucher public column’, daily publicity, we also require the market will be listed voucher bills uploaded to the ‘Xiamen market will be on the platform’, to achieve food sources can be traced, whereabouts can be tracked.”According to market regulators, law enforcement officers of on-site supervision can check the sales vouchers and qualification documents submitted by stall operators on mobile applications.It is understood that the regulatory authorities are trying to build the whole chain of data platform: on the one hand, the construction of market information management system, real-time update of market information data, real-time grasp of key indicators, early warning abnormal risk data;On the other hand, relying on the food safety traceability system, collect and analyze the circulation information of agricultural products, so as to realize the “source traceable, destination traceable, process controllable and public traceable” of edible agricultural products.Up to now, the city has 69 farmers’ markets into the traceability system, effectively protect consumers’ food safety.(Reporter Chen Ni, correspondent Zhang Huawei, Chen Xuesong) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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