Backflow porcelain highlights the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, and cultural exchanges promote the development of the Belt and Road

Warm breeze, spring is in the air.Recently, the National Museum of Classic Books of China has opened an unusual exhibition titled “Cultural Exchanges along the Belt and Road: The First Exhibition of Chinese and Western Antique Works of Recycled Porcelain”.Sponsored by the Chinese Society art Association, this exhibition, although it shows the quintessence of Chinese porcelain, but these porcelain is different, joined the colorful western cultural elements, with a strong exotic customs, appears to be unique, particularly eye-catching.It not only attracted people from all walks of life to visit, but also attracted the attention of many foreign friends.A friend from France said, “I love Chinese porcelain very much. France has a deep relationship with Chinese porcelain.In history, King Louis XIV of France built the Torriano Porcelain Palace in Versailles with blue and white porcelain style in the Ming Dynasty in order to show his favor to Madame Montespen.Seeing the backflow porcelain in this exhibition, there are some western cultural elements such as lovely little angels that we French are familiar with, I feel very cordial and moved!A friend from Germany said, I am interested in Chinese porcelain.When I was a child, my father told me a story about Chinese porcelain. In 1717, King Augustus II of Saxony struck a deal with the king of Prussia to exchange his 600 brave soldiers for more than 100 Pieces of Chinese porcelain.Since then, I have been curious about Chinese porcelain.Why does Chinese porcelain have such magical power?That’s because Chinese porcelain was not only technologically superior, but also artistically so beautiful!In the bottle mouth, handle and foot of China, where it is easy to be damaged, with some gold and silver inlaid metal decorations, not only increase the decoration of China, the icing on the cake, but also make China in case of collision get strong protection, it can be said that killing two birds with one stone.Egypt embassy in China cultural counsellor, mic is a porcelain lovers, saw the fine match well of Chinese and western China, she said happily, Egyptian pyramids and the sphinx, the Great Wall of China has a old, porcelain, our two countries are ancient civilizations, it should be more cultural exchanges, to let more Chinese people know the pyramids in Egypt,Learn about the great Egyptian civilization;At the same time, let more Egyptians know about the Great Wall and the great Chinese civilization.We are willing to cooperate with the China Association of Social Arts to jointly create an opportunity to bring this exhibition to Egypt after the epidemic and let more people know about the fine porcelain and the magical Silk Road.In these once active in the ancient silk road in front of the Chinese and western porcelain, people speak freely, have expressed the love of Chinese and Western porcelain, praise.At the same time, recall the past, imagine the future.The ancient Silk Road has greatly promoted the development of world economy and culture, brought about the earliest globalization, and provided valuable experience in cultural and economic exchanges between different countries.The visitors not only views, from different countries and produced important consensus in communicate with each other, to jointly promote the silk road concept, cultural exchange activities, strengthen the emotional communication and spiritual communication, in order to make the Chinese civilization with people all over the world to create rich and colorful culture, to provide human right mental guidance and strong spiritual power.As Qiu Xinjian, president of China Social Art Association, said in the preface of this exhibition, the cultural wonders of the combination of Chinese and Western reflow porcelain show a broad mind embracing all rivers, an inclusive attitude of mutual cooperation and a beautiful vision of a world of great harmony, which also meets the aspirations and aspirations of people of all countries.It is of positive and important significance to let these Chinese and Western recycled porcelain go out of the ivory tower and come to people’s faces for enhancing cultural exchanges between China and other countries, promoting the development of the belt and Road Initiative and building a community with a shared future for mankind.Zhou Zhonghua (male) is a painter and poet.Member of China Artists Association, member of All-China Youth Federation, director of the Office of “Belt and Road Cultural Exchange” large-scale activity project of China Social Art Association, professor of Wuhan Huaxia University of Technology, distinguished professor of Wuhan University Information Communication Research Center, former editor of China Youth Daily.The cartoon “Envy” was selected as the 2011 national college entrance examination cartoon question.

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