Create “new high quality” | accumulation deep ploughing!Cultivating “Spark Youth”

It is the wish of every parent for their children to enjoy better education.The Education Bureau of Chanba Ecological District will focus on key areas and make targeted efforts to promote the continuous expansion of high-quality education resources and make all-out efforts to ensure education that the people are satisfied with.Today, we entered chanba No. 7 Junior Middle School, one of the second batch of “New High Quality Growth Plan Schools” of Chanba Ecological District.Chanba No.7 Middle School is located in the west of east Third Ring Road, east of Chanhe East Road, south of Dongcheng Avenue and north of express Road, covering an area of 37.4 mu.At present, there are 341 students and 36 teachers in 8 classes, including 1 academic leader of Shaanxi Province, 3 senior teachers and 11 provincial and municipal teaching experts, accounting for 31% of the teachers, and 26% of the teachers with master degree or above.Over the past one year, the hardware facilities of the school have been improved, the teaching staff has been improved, and the cultural atmosphere has taken shape.The school has always adhered to the educational concept of “becoming a better self in the beautiful campus”, aiming at the development of every child with “comprehensive and individual characteristics”, forming the unique “Spark” campus culture of CHANba No.7 Junior High School.Adhering to the school motto of “Chongde · Love, Encouragement · Zhuoyuan”, the school uses warm education to cultivate caring, responsible, responsible, self-restraint and capable “Spark youth”.The campus is equipped with advanced facilities, green ecology, environmental protection and energy saving, scientific space layout and modern functional departments.The school is equipped with first-class multi-functional lecture hall, three ball sports fields, indoor gymnasium, characteristic course classrooms, comprehensive laboratory, catering center and other functional areas, striving to create an intelligent ecological, elegant and pleasant education environment to fully meet the needs of students to seek knowledge, explore and grow.In terms of the improvement of teachers, the school adheres to the strategy of “inviting in and going out”. Every semester, experts of various disciplines are invited to attend lectures and give guidance to the school, and teachers are encouraged to go out and participate in various forms of learning and further study.At the same time, the school gives full play to the guiding role of key teachers, and takes various courses such as open class, demonstration class, observation class and research class as effective measures to deepen teaching and research, improve teaching quality and promote teachers’ professional development.In addition, the use of blue project and other activities to promote the rapid growth of young teachers.Chanba No. 7 Middle School helps students grow up happily by setting up school-based courses such as ideological and political education, traditional culture education, comprehensive practice education and art and aesthetics education.In order to strengthen students’ self-management, the school set up a student self-management center to build a management platform and cultivate students to form good behavior habits.Through the selection of monthly “Spark Youth”, “Good youth in the New Era” and other outstanding student representatives, spread positive energy, let chanba 7th Junior High School “vibrant Orange” harmonious development, healthy growth.The school adheres to the principle of open education, sets up a parent committee, and regularly carries out activities such as “big class for parents” and “School for parents”, striving to build a good educational atmosphere integrating school, family and society.The university earnestly implements the policy of “double reduction” and actively explores new ideas, methods and measures to improve the quality of education and teaching with the goal of “improving quality and efficiency”.The school carries out a series of teaching activities, such as art festival, ideological and political training, characteristic homework exhibition, community activities and the second class, to effectively improve the efficiency of classroom teaching, reduce students’ homework burden, so that quality education is truly internalized in mind and externalized in practice, so that every child can achieve all-round development and healthy growth.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)

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