Haining Comprehensive Administrative law enforcement Bureau adhere to the law to comprehensively improve the efficiency of law enforcement

Since this year, Haining Comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau around the comprehensive administrative law enforcement work, highlighting the focus, initiative, in the legal system, petition, approval and other aspects, constantly lay a solid business foundation, and strive to develop new ideas, new methods, comprehensively improve the system of law enforcement personnel administrative ability and professional quality level.To provide a strong legal guarantee for the refinement and high-quality development of comprehensive law enforcement.Precise and targeted, do a good job of the core “addition and subtraction”.First, the case expands the area increment.Since this year, the Municipal Comprehensive law Enforcement Bureau has registered and investigated 4173 cases of general procedure and closed 4033 cases, completing the annual guidance number of 132.3%, up 26.7% and 22.8% year-on-year. There are targets and measures to promote the promotion of global case coverage, covering a total of more than 60 matters, ranking in the forefront of Jiaxing.Second, the number of letters and visits will be kept stable, controlled and reduced.Adhere to advocate the principle of “receiving and visiting namely finishing”, strive to solve the contradiction of letters and visits at one time, put an end to layers of handing over, a handed over of the phenomenon.More than 1,750 letters and visits were accepted and handled, and 1,750 were handed over, 146 fewer than the same period last year, down 7.7%, and the settlement rate was 100%.We will make innovations in mechanisms, deepen reform, and inject strong momentum into law enforcement.First, we will improve the guarantee mechanism.Revising the Recording System for the Whole Process of Administrative Law Enforcement to clarify the work requirements;We formulated the Government Affairs Service Matters notification and commitment system and the Vacancy acceptance system to further optimize the procedures for administrative review and approval and accelerate the process of administrative review and approval.Second, we will deepen the reform of comprehensive integration.According to the relevant requirements of provinces and cities, relevant documents such as special working classes and leading groups have been formulated and issued, and working mechanisms such as cooperation and cooperation systems and administrative dispute coordination mechanisms have been introduced, laying a foundation for the preliminary reform.At the same time, from the formulation of a two-year work plan, for the next law enforcement reform direction.Focus on blocking points, optimize approval, and walk out of the “new path” of service.First, the speed of government review and approval was accelerated.We will further carry out the reform of integrating government services through one network, so that government services can be handled, directed, and inquired through one network.In 2021, a total of 1021 project permits and records were accepted in the examination and approval window, with a completion rate of 100% and a year-on-year increase of 120.5%.We introduced the Government Service Notification and Acceptance System and the Acceptance and Acceptance System, which accommodated 72 cases in total, and handled 4 cases with the acceptance and acceptance system, increasing the approval speed by 30%.Second, credit repair is further deepened.Arrange and draft repair enterprises, make repair decisions for enterprises that meet the repair conditions according to the procedures, eliminate the influence of adverse information on enterprises in time, and promote the development of enterprises.Since the beginning of this year, 102 eligible enterprises have been screened for restoration, 71 of which have submitted applications and 71 have completed restoration, eliminating their worries in a timely manner.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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