A glasses-free 3D projection onto the ice has graced the Beijing Winter Olympics for the first time

At the curling arena, which kicked off last night, a glasses-free 3D projection of the ice surface was unveiled for the first time.Before the opening of the first round of mixed doubles curling at the Winter Olympic Games on Feb 2, the sports exhibition team of the Winter Olympic Games demonstrated the cultural connotation of curling in a unique way integrating China and the West.After the countdown, a “small curling stone” floats down from the Chinese folding fan landscape, through the beautiful landscape of plum blossoms, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, a symbol of traditional Chinese culture, and into the “Nian Nian Yu yu” pond.The moon in the sky shines on the pond, and the water ice is transformed into a curling track.After experiencing the baptism of snow and ice, the “little curling” morphed into the Olympic curling, hurtling along to victory, and finally morphed into the snowflakes that formed the Olympic rings.This is the first large-scale use of ice projection technology in the history of the Winter Olympics.Curling projection team competition project characteristics and Chinese traditional cultural elements, integration of digital technology, adopted the “double screen linkage” style of design, let the game screen and four track on the east side of the picture echo, make more space and interactive 3 d projection, create the most flattering ice stereo projection, three-dimensional art performance staged the games are the ice,It shows the new height of China’s digital imaging technology.

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