Father and son relay, 40 years guarding remote work area

Guanba station often sees few people at the end of the day.Tang Zhiyong served as the station liaison in the operation room.Rednet moment Zhangjiajie February 15 news (correspondent Ye Kai Li Qi ‘en) Guanba station is a fifth class station on the Jiaoliu line, located in zhangjiajie city more than 40 kilometers outside the Wuling Mountains.Due to the remote terrain and inconvenient transportation, “slow train” is the best choice for local people to travel, and also the only choice for local railway workers to commute.40 years ago, Tang Zhiyong’s father Tang Xingming, as a soldier of China Railway No.2 Bureau and one of the builders of the Jiaoliu Line, “settled” in Zhangjiajie construction section and was assigned here after completing the important mission of the jiaoliu line.Due to the long distance and inconvenient travel, Tang Zhiyong could only see his father once a year when he was still in his hometown of Bijie, Guizhou.As the eldest son in the family, Tang Zhiyong took care of his younger brother and sister, while taking care of his disabled mother.Twenty-seven years ago, Tang zhiyong’s father chose to retire early for health reasons.As the eldest son of the family, Tang Zhiyong took over the baton from his father to guard the jiaoliu line.”Don jr., your father spent so many years in this place, and now you’re taking over. It’s not a good place for you young people to work.”Just to work area, local villagers say so.”I’m afraid I’ll work until I retire, too!”Tang Zhiyong replied.It was just a joke, but I did not think it was a prophecy.Young little Tang in guanba line work area for 27 years, from tang to old Tang, the years of baptism will be him into a printed face of vicissitudes of life of the middle-aged uncle, five years later, he also reached the retirement age.”My father watched over the line until he retired, and I will watch over the line, too!”.In the coves, birds sing green, green water beside the morning glow – in the eyes of the past travelers, this is a beautiful place, but for Tang Zhiyong, who has been staying for more than 20 years, it is a mountain of responsibility and long-term loneliness.Tang Zhiyong is filling in the protection contact record on duty.As a station liaison, Tang zhiyong’s job is simple and repetitive — he checks in at the station an hour before the start of the day, and then informs the guards on the spot about all the train numbers, access and skylight spots.Sit on the station, you need to play twelve points of spirit.”More than 50 trains pass through here a day, and every second is not a moment to be missed. I am responsible for all my brothers’ lives and wealth. This responsibility is bigger than heaven!”.Every time to work, Tang Zhiyong did not dare to slack off.Sparsely populated, mountain road impassability, language is not familiar, guanba area has been called by some workers “labor reform farm”, young Tang Zhiyong also once thought when to leave here, but his father severely scolded him a, “you don’t keep, I don’t keep, who will keep, the railway is so long, always someone to carry!”Idle 㗇 of Tang Zhiyong wait on his “happy farm”.Over time, he realized it wasn’t that bitter.Every morning at 9:30, Tang zhiyong turns on his stereo and plays some of his favorite music.”Listening to the music, I feel happy and time passes faster.”After dinner, Tang Zhiyong will also do the work area sanitation, do the work area open vegetable fields, clean up the work area and lively.The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger in 2022 arrived as scheduled. Due to the nature of his work, Tang Zhiyong had to be on duty in Guanba, which was also the 12th Spring Festival he spent in guanba line working area.Firecrackers explode from time to time in nearby villages, and trains roar as usual on railway lines.A few kilometers away, on the newly opened Zhangjihuai high-speed railway line, a line of Fuxing crosses the mountains…Guanba village was a little more noisy than usual.On The first day of the New Year, Tang Zhiyong turned on a video on his mobile phone and waved to relatives at home.When their daughter, who just started working in railway, went to Guangzhou for the Spring Festival travel rush, the wife said in the video, “Look at our family. Two of our three people are out for the Spring Festival. What a year!””Don’t work which red envelope dozen to the baby people!”Tang Zhiyong smiled, his small eyes narrowed into a slit.Not a lot of stories, every day is a shape;There is no dissatisfaction, all pay accustomed to.40 years of joint force to adhere to, Tang Zhiyong father and son from the “outsiders” into the “village people”, they guard the arteries smooth, interpretation of the railway people’s responsibility and loyalty.

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