A century-old egg, a piece of lean meat and a bowl of rice make a porridge, soft, glutinous and salty, century-old egg thin porridge, delicious

Hi, everyone, I’m Shu Chen. I’m here to share a variety of home-style food every day. Today, I’d like to share with you the nutritious and delicious “preserved egg and lean meat porridge”.Preserved egg and lean meat congee is a local delicacy in Guangdong province. It is rich in nutrients and mainly consists of preserved eggs and lean meat cut into small pieces. Different regions have different ingredients, for example, some places like to add scallion before eating, while others like to add thin crisp.I remember that a bowl of porridge with preserved eggs at KFC costs 6 yuan per bowl. I don’t want to go out and make it at home. I can make a pot with 5 yuan.The procedure is very simple. Let’s take a look.Ingredients: preserved egg, lean meat, rice Accessories: ginger, spring onion Seasoning: vegetable oil, salt, chicken, sesame oil, sugar, cooking wineSoak long grain fragrant rice in water for 10 minutes. 2. Cut a piece of ginger into ginger pieces and set aside in a small bowl.Wash the shallots, cut them into scallions and put them in a small bowl. 4. Add vegetable oil to the shredded meat and mix well with chopsticks.Add starch, stir well with chopsticks 6. Add salt, sugar and cooking wine, mix well with hands 7.8. Bring the water in a casserole pot to a boil, add the soaked rice, and stir well with a spoon.10. Bring to a boil over high heat, cover with a lid, reduce to medium heat and simmer for 40 minutes 11.Boil century-old eggs for about 5 minutes, just one egg is enough. Remove the eggs under water and cool them with cold water. Peel off the shell.Cut the century-old egg in half and cut it into strips. Cut the century-old egg into small pieces and place it on a plate. 14.Mix well with a spoon, add salt, chicken essence, pepper and cooking wine to the spoon, slide into the pot 16.Add the pork shreds, stir them with chopsticks and cook until they turn brown. Then turn off the heat and blanch the pork shreds with the remaining heat of the casserole.Sprinkle with chopped green onion before serving, and enjoy the delicious warm tips:Soak the rice in water for 10 minutes in advance. 4. Bring the water in the casserole to a boil, add the rice, bring to a boil again, and then add the vegetable oil.Preserved egg congee is a famous local delicacy. Preserved egg and shredded meat are perfectly combined with rice, which is salty and fragrant, sweet and glutinous, appetizing and nutritious. Drink a bowl of porridge to warm your heart and stomach.Want to do a pot, cost-effective super delicious, I hope you can like.

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