Approaching the Spring Festival, rural scam tricks, many people have been deceived, returning farmers to be cautious

Today is the 25th day of the 12th lunar month, the Spring Festival is not a few days away, many people have already set foot on the way home, many people are already back home.Due to the return of migrant workers, the market in recent days more people up, again presented a crowded scene.Rural Daji is a “Taobao” bazaar, where there is everything to eat, drink and play. You don’t need to go anywhere else to buy it all.However, in addition to the lively and convenient rural gathering, there are also many scams.Some black-hearted businessmen are taking advantage of the big fair before the big flow of people, and then create a lot of fraud, attract the attention of others, earn ill-earned money.But many migrant workers, struggling outside for years, do not have too much vigilance and fail to recognize the fraud.To this end, the author today to expose these fraud, hope that the Spring Festival, we must not be deceived when the big gathering!China Central Television (CCTV) has reported on fake and shoddy products in rural areas. The packages are similar to those of big brands, but they are cheaper. Many people mistakenly think they are buying the real thing, but do not know they have been cheated.Fakes are mostly drinks and biscuits, which are essential for visiting relatives and friends. Demand is high and farmers do not select them, so many people fall for them.In recent years, there are stalls selling imitation designer bags and cosmetics, attracting the attention of many women. These things are similar in style to those of big brands, but the price is only 1/10 or even lower than the real ones.In order to attract people to buy, the peddlery often advertises that the factory has closed and sold at a loss.In fact, these things are small workshop production, the quality is relatively poor, especially cosmetics, after using may cause skin allergy or even disfigurement.Of course, there are also some local rural fairs, selling fake wine, cigarettes, which is obviously a scam, I hope we must avoid risk.2, gift set consumption in rural markets, this scam is also very common, the cheater initially under the guise of free gifts, and send out more stainless steel basin, toilet paper, basin, knives, eggs, etc.And so on to attract a certain group of people, and then to the farmers “brainwashing”, so that farmers on their gift activities believe.When the time is right, they will launch products such as water purifiers, rice cookers and pressure cookers, which are several times cheaper than market prices and many people will pay for them.In fact, things seem to be real things, but the quality is very poor, buy home is basically decoration, so we must not easily fooled.The scam, which was first popular in the cities, was exposed and then spread to rural areas.Scammers will put up many things for auction, such as TV sets, air conditioners, refrigerators, ovens and so on.Cheater usually said the boss ran away, can only take these things to pay the bill and so on, in order to win everyone’s sympathy.When the auction, arranged by the swindlers will compete to attract onlookers to participate in the auction.What looks like an auction is cheaper, but is actually mostly refurbished or non-manufactured.If author village the uncle of more than 50 years old, buy TV of a liquid crystal with 600 yuan, but did not discover machine failure a few days, because this everybody does not go to join in the fun certainly.4, folk remedies, medicinal materials migrant workers are basically engaged in high-intensity work, a long time on the body always have some problems, such as back pain, periarthritis of shoulder, etc..Back home, farmers will also think about buying some plasters, medicinal materials conditioning.For this, those “magic doctor” also aimed at the rural market, they sell all kinds of folk remedies, rare medicine wine and ointment that can cure all kinds of diseases, claiming to be able to treat a variety of chronic incurable diseases, a lot of people are therefore deceived into buying.But after eating for a period of time, I found that my body did not improve, but side effects.With the development of society, scams in rural fairs have also begun to escalate, and “code-giving” is one of them.After all, many older migrant workers are also using smart phones, and the “scan” function is also very easy to play.Everyone listen to, as long as you can send milk, phone fees and other gifts, suddenly moved.If they do, however, they are playing into a trap.They do in advance on the “two-dimensional code”, after a scan can obtain your personal information, so you can borrow money in your name or even steal your bank card money, so we must be careful, do not be blinded by immediate interests.6, golden egg in the rural market, golden egg game is also very popular, especially children, young people, they will take the initiative to participate in it.Hit a golden egg 10 yuan, the merchant promised that each golden egg will have a prize, if you are lucky, you can get gold jewelry, refrigerators, televisions and so on.In fact, the prizes you won were worthless, costing only a few cents or a dollar or two.They also arrange to win big prizes to induce people to participate.There are some businesses, directly hidden in the golden egg voucher, such as TV coupons, the original price of 2999 yuan of TV, as long as 899 yuan can be taken away, so as to induce others to consume, in fact, these products are fake and shoddy, we can not be fooled.Before and after the Spring Festival, rural con, routine, hope we must recognize, don’t be deceived!

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