How strong is Granny Liu’s social skills?Two into the Rongguo Mansion these three details can be seen!

In “A Dream of Red Mansions”, Grandma Liu is a poor old woman living in the countryside. In her old age, she has no children and her husband dies. She only lives on a few acres of thin farmland.Fortunately, her son-in-law, dog, was kind enough to take her to live with him.This winter, because of natural disasters, the dog family harvest is not good, watching the winter supplies did not land.So he was so upset that he took it out on his wife by drinking at home.Grandma Liu scolded her son-in-law, but at the same time, she also sought the best hope for the family: she went to the Rong Guo Fu to seek Mrs. Wang’s help.Dog’s father, Wang Cheng, had been an official in the capital and had lived with the Wang family.However, after the dog’s ancestors fell, the family moved out of the capital and lived in the countryside.More than twenty years passed, during which time they had no contact.The dog listened to grandma Liu’s words, also moved.In the end, the family decided to let Liu grandma and grandson Baner, together to the Rong Guo Fu.Granny Liu into the rongguo mansion, it can be said to make a fool of herself, speak neither fish nor fowl, in front of sister Feng said jia fu is a dead camel than a horse;In front of Jia Rong, he called Her sister Feng’s nephew. Zhou Rui’s family looked embarrassed and winked.However, such a glum, can not speak of Liu Grandma, in the two into the Rong Guo Fu, the performance is very different, have a person don’t a day when look with new eyes.Her three details in Jia Fu show her excellent communicative ability.1, “old birthday star”, won the good impression of Jia mother.Granny Liu once told her son-in-law, Dog, that there was money everywhere in the capital, but you could not take it, and this skill was clearly reflected in the title she used when they first met.To benefit from the rich, first and foremost, make them happy.Jia Mother, a concubine of the historian, was born into a well-educated family and enjoyed prosperity and wealth all her life.Now in my old age, I gather my grandchildren for fun and play cards with the mammy.And for such jia mother, in its old age, what do you care about most?Nature is health and longevity.Review “a dream of Red mansions”, review jia fu people to Jia Mother’s name, we will find that everyone to Jia mother’s name is not the same.For example, Mrs. Wang and Aunt Xue addressed her as an old lady.If Wang Xifeng, then call her ancestor.Granny Liu is a few years older than Jia’s mother, but there is a huge difference between them.Therefore, how to address Jia Mother when they meet for the first time is actually a difficult problem.Can she call Mother Jia old lady as Mrs. Wang does?Can she be like Wang Xifeng, call her ancestor?Of course not, and only “old birthday star” three words, not only said jia mother’s heart, but also reflected her sincere respect for Jia mother, so Jia mother busy replied: Lao in-laws!2. Praise of Daiyu’s boudoir.Grandma Liu and her grandson were taken to Jia mother here, and at this time, jia Fu everyone is in.Grandma Liu, then with her humorous words, said the countryside interesting anecdotes, made everyone happy.Perhaps, it is because of liu’s own humor, Jia mother took her specially, together with the grand View garden.Grand View garden, jia Fu to meet the spring mothering and the construction of the other home.Among them live, is jia Fu Sanchun, Xue Baochai, Lin Daiyu, Jia Baoyu, etc.Jia mother took Grandma Liu and everyone to play grand view garden, naturally will take her around.Because Jia Baoyu was born to hate the fish-eyed mammy, so Jia mother did not take her into the yihongyuan.But the rest of the place, pretty much everywhere.Jia mother is taking Grandma Liu and everyone, the first place to go, is Lin Daiyu lives xiaoxiang pavilion.Xiaoxiang Pavilion and Yihongyuan, with their excellent views near the gate of Grand View Garden, were one of Yuanchun’s three favorite places (Yihongyuan, Xiaoxiang Pavilion and Heng Wu Garden).After the completion of the grand View Garden, Jia Zheng took the people, came to the grand View garden everywhere inscribed plaques by the way visit, the public came to xiaoxiang Pavilion, are attracted by the quiet location here.So out of the pavilion over the pool, a mountain a stone, a flower a wood, can not care to view.Suddenly I looked up and saw the pink wall in front of me. Inside, there were dozens of small houses, shaded by thousands of bamboo sticks.”What a place!” said everyone.So we entered, only to see the entrance is winding verandah, stones under the steps into the path.The three small rooms above were dark and bright, and were fitted with chairs and chairs.From the inner room there was a small door, which led out into the back yard, with a large pear tree and banana.Two more little regressions.Under the rear wall;Suddenly open a gap, spring faction, ditch only feet xu, poured into the wall, around the edge of the house to the front yard, hovering bamboo and out.Even jia Zheng, who has always been a decent person, could not help saying: This one is still only.If I could sit under this window and read on a moonlit night, I would not waste my life.Lin Daiyu chose to stay in Xiaoxiang Pavilion because of her love of bamboo and the quietness.Jia mother took Grandma Liu to visit the grand View garden, the first place is xiaoxiang Pavilion.In the face of this scene, in the face of Jia mother’s smiling expression, Granny Liu’s extraordinary social skills, naturally revealed.From such a quiet environment, from her happy mood, from the fine pattern of xiaoxiang Pavilion, she clearly understood that this must be jia mother’s favorite residence for the younger generation. Therefore, before Jia Mother introduced her, she said: This must be a brother’s study.Hearing this, Mother Jia looked very happy and said proudly, This is my granddaughter’s house.In fact, reviewing this section, we can also realize that Grandma Liu’s praise of Xiaoxiang Pavilion is also intended to break the current awkward situation.Just before, Mrs. Wang had explicitly refused to drink Daiyu’s tea.Maintain silence for heng Wu Yuan.Jia mother took Grandma Liu to visit the grand view garden, daiyu lived xiaoxiang hall, tanchun lived in the autumn cool zhai, miao jade lived long Cui nuny, in these several places, Jia mother’s mood is good.But only, the heng Wu yuan that lives to Xue Baochai place, the mood of Jia mother is not beautiful.Reviewing the original text, we will find that Jiamu went to Heng Wu Garden at the moment, because they changed their way halfway.As I was talking, I was feeling gloomy and deep in the earthen luogang of flowers, and the withered grass and riling on the two beaches were also helping the autumn mood.Seeing the house on the shore, Mother Jia asked, “Is this your miss Xue’s house?””Yes,” said the others.Jia mother busy life from ear to ear shore, go up along cloud step stone ladder, entered yuan heng Wu together, only feel fragrant.Why did Grandma Liu keep silent for her active performance in Heng Wu Garden?That, in fact, is a testament to her ability.Accurately speaking, There are two reasons why Liu kept silent when facing Heng Wu Yuan.(1) As a result of the gloomy environment of Heng Wu Garden.Although Liu grandma is a poor grandmother in the countryside, but not a lot of knowledge, especially to superstition, a set of their own understanding.For this point, when Grandma Liu prepared to leave Jia Fu and say goodbye to Sister Feng, it was clearly reflected.Because of the visit to the Grand View Garden, Sister Feng’s daughter sister Jia and mother have been sick.Sister Feng was very worried about this, but Grandma Liu put forward her idea directly: “Sister is afraid that she doesn’t go into the garden, so she shouldn’t go there.No better than our children, who can walk, that circle of graves do not run.A gust of wind is also some;The other is that he is clean and his eyes are clean, or that he has met some god.I say, give him a look at the book, carefully bump into the guest.”Hearing this, Sister Feng asked Caiming to read the jade Box, and indeed it was written: On August 25, the patient met the god of flowers in the southeast.With five color paper money 40 pieces, 40 steps to the southeast to send it, good luck.Superstition has existed since ancient times. No one can confirm its existence and no one can deny its existence. But for us, the tendency to trust superstition is a little more.(2) As well as the internal pattern of Heng Wuyuan.Jia mother is taking everyone to come to treasure chai to live heng Wu yuan, do not want to, take the door to be shocked by its interior snow cave general pattern.Inside the house, it looked like a snow cave, with no toys of the same color. There was only a clay vase on the table, which contained several chrysanthemums, two books, tea dowry and cups.Green gauze curtain is hanging only on the bed, quilt is also very simple.In feudal society, the boudoir of the young lady is to decorate extremely delicate all along, of the room delicate decorate, it is the embodiment of its identity, position not only, also having the adumbrative of its destiny.And in baochai’s room, decorate simple, only a soil fixed bottle conspicuous, this nature is not what good omen.In particular, the color of the snow cave inside bodes ill for those who live there.Therefore, as can be seen from these two details, even as Her mother did not speak to heng Wu Yuan, Liu’s grandmother still kept silent, for at this moment, she and Her mother felt the same to heng Wu Yuan.Summary: What is communicative competence?Nature is the way of getting along with people, nature is the ability to read people;However, when Granny Liu entered the Rongguo Mansion, her words and deeds reflected in these three details are enough to show that her communication skills are excellent.Therefore, she will be deeply loved by Jia Mother;And with Wang Xifeng, became forget the New Year!

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