Hu City to strictly check the invisible variation of training behavior

Since the winter vacation, Hohhot intensify law enforcement inspection, increase penetration privately frequency, investigate a violation behavior training, formed the warning deterrent effect, active docking streets, communities, the grid member form a three-level grids dynamic supervision, clear reporting channels, dig all kinds of invisible variation training and in-service teachers’ behaviors in violation of make up a missed lesson,We will ensure that the “double reduction” policy is fully implemented and delivers real results.Education authorities in Hohhot and Xincheng district jointly dealt with illegal training.Received a clue to the report, located in the new urban area north second ring Stone market south of the pan-Mongolian training institutions in class.On January 13, two levels of education departments of Hohhot city and Xincheng District went to the training address to investigate according to law.The training site was found on the third floor of a private kindergarten. The training site was isolated from a private kindergarten on the first and second floors downstairs, and access was made by using the fire stairs outside the building.There are 9 classrooms of different sizes on the training floor, as well as some dormitories, which share the kitchen with the adjacent kindergarten, posing great safety risks.According to the organizer, Chen, the training costs 6,000 yuan per person for 15 days.Xincheng District Bureau of Education staff on-site statistics to participate in the training of about 150 students from grade one to grade three.In response to the illegal training, the Xincheng District Education Bureau issued a notice to the organizer to stop running schools on the spot, ordered the organizer to stop the illegal training, registered the students participating in the training on the spot, and ordered the organizer to return the fees.Tuzuo Banner government organized multi-department joint law enforcement, according to law and regulations to investigate and punish an illegal training behavior.On the evening of January 13, Inner Mongolia TV station “Urban Full Contact” reported that teachers in the East School of Tuzuo Banner organized offline centralized training for students.On January 14, the Tuzuo Banner government organized education, market supervision, fire control, housing and construction, health and health, public security, publicity and other relevant departments to carry out joint law enforcement special rectification action.After field verification, the actual address of the offline centralized training reported by “Urban Total Contact” is located at the idle shop outside the south gate of Dongfang Jiayuan district, west of dongfang University campus.The organizer of the training is Ma xx, the site manager is Ma xx, the father of ma xx.In late December 2021, Ma mou used wechat platform in yuquan district in a private school parents group to release discipline training enrollment information during winter vacation, and in January 10, 2022, temporary sublease of Jinshan Development Zone East home community outside the south idle shops to carry out discipline training, a total of 130,000 yuan.In the joint law enforcement, the scene verified to participate in the centralized training of 36 students, including yuquan district a private school third grade students 35 people, other schools 1 person.In view of Ma’s illegal training behavior, the Joint Law Enforcement Team shut down the training according to law, contacted the parents of the students to evacuate the on-site training students, and ordered the training organizer to refund the training expenses of the parents of the students.Yuquan District Bureau of Education to further processing.Source: Education Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

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