Yin Qi: “Jin Bo Yang beat Jin Bo Yang” inspired me

Beijing, February 17, China Youth Daily client (China Youth Daily · China Youth network reporter Guo Jian) “I watched the figure skating competition before, the commentator has a sentence very inspired me, she said ‘Jin Boyang beat Jin Boyang’, so I specially wear a medal suit today, I hope ‘Yin Qi can also beat Yin Qi’.This afternoon, Yin Qi finished 15th in the women’s 1000m speed skating event with a time of 1:16.00. Although her place was not high, she was satisfied with her result:”My time today was my best time on the plains, more than a second faster than before, and I was 1:16.00 for the 1000m and 1:57.00 for the 1500m. Two 00’s, that’s a ’round’.”In the speed skating 1000m final, Yin Qi competed in group 5, with Herzog of Austria.Herzog had a strong start, but Yin continued to shorten the distance between them in the second half of the race, and finally hit the line 0.36 seconds behind her rival in the sprint.”In fact, it was not easy for us to compete in the 1000m final with a full capacity. In the past, we were very strong in this event, including Ye Qiaobo, Zhang Hong and my coach Wang Xiuli. They are all top players in the world.””Both our men’s and women’s speed skating teams are confident that they can compete with strong teams through better training,” Yin said.Photo source: China Youth Daily client

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