Yongshun County Party Committee yongshun County people’s Government: do not idle to achieve success line steady zhi yuan to create brilliant

The year of 2021, which has just passed, is truly extraordinary.Up and down in the past year, yongshun county led the county to xi jinping, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, based on the new stage of development, carry out new development concept, into the new development pattern, the full implementation of “four new” strategic positioning and mission, and strive to build “three cities”, the construction of “five xiangxi”, in-depth implementation of the county party committee “5573” development ideas,Dual challenge actively response to the outbreak, disaster, safe disposal of public opinion, accidents and other emergencies, seriously study to carry out the party history education, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the overall pay special attention to the project construction, industrial upgrading and tourism presentation, social amplification, security and stability, risk prevention and control of the people’s livelihood, consolidate the development of poverty crucial achievements effective connection with country revitalization of the key tasks, such as various achievements in their work.The foundation of high quality development continuously strengthened, characteristic industry development pace firm, full domain pattern of tourism development, the construction of key projects speed accelerating, consolidate the development of poverty crucial achievements effective connection with country revitalization of advancing, improve social livelihood security level, security development environment continuously optimize…Beautiful yongshun, petition maintenance stability, investment attraction, deepening reform, tobacco production and other work by the province and state advanced commendation, the majority of party members and cadres in the county with hard index for the masses of happiness index.Yongshun firmly seize the development of industry to consolidate the key poverty results, continue to carry out special industry “south to north quality, expanding surface” action, the county built a kiwi, camellia, citrus, tea, tobacco industry base of 1.4 million mu, “a product of the two standard” certification to 56, industry development to strengthen the effective support continuously strengthen poverty.Vigorously implement the strategy of all-round tourism development, focus on speeding up the construction of wanma Guichao leisure tourism base, buermen hot spring renovation and expansion, the red scenic spot and Party spirit education base at the old site of Tawu Revolutionary Base, hunan Northwest tourism distribution center and other projects, and initially form a self-formed, independent and complete tourism complex.Successfully held the first Hunan Characteristic Cultural tourism Town construction site promotion meeting, grabbed the key nodes of statutory holidays, guided by the needs of tourists, gave full play to the role of county media center, increased online and offline publicity and promotion, ancient town tour, health and recreation tour, red tour, rural tour and other charming, welcome.Furong Town was awarded the 2021 National Cultural tourism “Internet red Card Place” and the first batch of national night culture and tourism consumption gathering area.It received 11.339 million tourists and the total revenue of tourism reached 9.283 billion yuan, up 33.25% and 28.88% respectively.The sea shows a tower of strength, wanshan majestic see the main peak.In the New Year, the people of Yongshun will carry forward the great spirit of party building, strengthen the original mission, continue to struggle, move forward bravely, make new contributions and create new brilliance on the great journey of comprehensively building new Yongshun, a modern socialist city, and welcome the 20th victory of the Party with outstanding achievements!Peng Jun, secretary of yongshun County Party Committee, And Jiamao, deputy secretary of Yongshun County Party Committee and county head, led the people of the county to pay New Year’s greetings to the people of all ethnic groups in the prefecture, wishing the Year of the Tiger good luck and all the best!People’s Government of Yongshun County, CPC Yongshun County Committee sun Ying

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