“Eat chicken” quartermaster return flash in the pan!Although the turntable quality is high, but has been rotten street potential

Pragmatic, not grandiose!I’m your little intelligence whiz. Smile ten times.Eat chicken hand tour peace elite Spring Festival benefits and krypton gold munitions although many, but the only lack of munitions return activities!Due to the recent exposure of the Spring Festival to return in the turntable news, so the players are full of expectations for the quartermaster return!As we all know, in the turntable since the opening of last year after the return, has been the return from time to time!Now there is no encore event on New Year’s Eve, which really makes players feel very disappointed!Today return announcement flash in the pan, after all these quartermaster will return?Let’s learn about it together.Those who like to stay up late playing games know that Peace Elite released an encore announcement in the early morning of the second day of the Chinese New Year, among which there appeared the outstanding “Dream Rocket” of the middle turntable. This quartermaster belongs to one of the representative works of the game, although it has been returned once, but it is still one of the popular quartermaster!Today, this announcement has been quietly off the shelves in the game, for some good regular players, basic do not know!Although the announcement was short-lived, it is still very likely to hit the shelves on February 5th, after all, photon has a habit of deleting the announcement and then hitting the shelves again!As previously speculated, due to the New Year’s Eve more money activities, so the encore will be delayed!Although the announcement is now off the shelves, but there will still be a possible shelves!For like dream rocket and other high quality rotary partners, is undoubtedly a very good news!Dream rocket first return did not appear sub-set, I believe that the return or maintain such a setting, after all, the girl group has been dissolved to get the copyright!For most players, the dream Rocket’s most valuable features are the single blue ponytail and motorcycle skin, and these sets don’t have or care!In addition to the popularity of the top three dream rocket, the official announcement of the return of the army there is also a favorite player of the small skirt of the army, that is the chocolate factory!This set of quartermaster is one of the early turntable quartermaster, the quality of fashion is also very high, worth our collection!Although the chocolate was nerved in the first encore vote, it still got a late encore!Personally, I think I can start with this little white dress in the quartermaster, but since there will be more and more new quartermasters in the future, I can give it up if I don’t really want it!Hot quartermaster’s return calls are very high, in order to attract gold photon will be in the follow-up unscrupulous return, which also indicates that they will sooner or later become one of the bad street quartermaster, personal does not suggest kr past quartermaster, after all, the game is just a pile of data, a set of favorite quartermaster can be used!Personal speculation, even if the announcement of the quartermaster return has been off the shelves, but it does not affect them in the next few days on the shelves, after all, the Spring Festival many players have got the New Year’s money, and then use the old quartermaster blunt a wave of performance, is the photon of marketing means!Players who like these 4 sets of quartermasters can look forward to it!All in all, whether or not there will be a quartermaster return event, it is not worth our money!After all, good munitions have become a rotten street trend, krypton will only increase their inventory!At present, the most practical munitions are not fashion, but special effects guns and vehicles!However, it is good to have one skin for each type of gun and vehicle, more will only waste money!That’s all the content of this issue. Are you looking forward to the return of the turntable?What would the encore be like?Welcome to share!Thanks for reading, look forward to the end of this article to encourage the likes and recommendations, our comment section will be there.For more content from # PeaceElite, follow Smile Tenfold

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