The benefits of intelligent logistics software for enterprises

What benefits does smart logistics software bring to enterprises?Nowadays, thanks to the development of the Internet, almost all industries have entered the Mode of Internet +, so does the logistics industry.Whether it is the emergence of network freight, or now intelligent logistics, intelligent logistics software application and so on for the development of the whole logistics industry has a deep impact.What is a smart smart logistics, is to use the bar code, radio frequency identification technology, sensors, global positioning system (GPS) and other advanced technology of Internet of things platform through information processing and network communication technology is widely used in logistics transportation, warehousing, distribution, packaging, loading and unloading basic activities such as link, realize the automation of goods transport process operation and high efficiency optimization management,Improve the service level of logistics industry, reduce costs, and reduce the consumption of natural and social resources.Intelligent logistics in the function to achieve six “correct”, that is, the right goods, the right quantity, the right place, the right quality, the right time, the right price, in technology to achieve: item identification, location tracking, item traceability, item monitoring, real-time response.1. The benefits of intelligent logistics software for enterprises to reduce logistics costs, improve corporate profits intelligent logistics can greatly reduce the cost of manufacturing, logistics and other industries, the real increase corporate profits, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers by wisdom logistics cooperation, information sharing, logistics enterprises can be more cost savings.2. Accelerate the development of the logistics industry, become the information technology support of the logistics industry, accelerate the development of the logistics industry, set storage, transportation, distribution, information services and other functions in one, break industry restrictions, coordinate the interests of departments, realize intensive and efficient operation, optimize the allocation of social logistics resources.3. For the enterprise production, procurement and sales system of intelligent fusion groundwork with RFID and sensor network popularization, the content and the content of connectivity, will give enterprise logistics system, production system, procurement system and sales system of intelligent fusion lays the foundation, and the integration of network will have wisdom production and supply chain integration,Enterprise logistics is fully integrated into enterprise management intelligently, breaking the boundaries of working procedure and process, and creating a smart enterprise.4. Improve the work efficiency of government departments and help the reform of the political system. Intelligent logistics can supervise the production, transportation and sales of food in an all-round and whole-process manner, which greatly saves the work pressure of relevant government departments and at the same time makes supervision more thorough and transparent.5. Promote the further development of local economy, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of intelligent logistics set a variety of service functions in one, reflects the needs of modern economic operation characteristics, that is, emphasize the information flow and material flow fast, efficient, smooth operation, so as to reduce social costs, improve production efficiency, integration of social resources.The article is reprinted from the land transport bang network freight platform, deleted

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