The hero turns the wheel, and the scenery is unique. “Tiger”

Liverpool have had a poor record going south to London this season, drawing at Brentford, Tottenham hotspur and Chelsea and losing at West Ham united.In other words, 12 balls, only 3 points.A few weeks ago, while Salah, Mane and Keita were on their way to the Africa Cup of Nations, Klopp, Matip, Firmino and Arnold were all quarantined with a virus.Liverpool’s training centre was shut down and the match against Arsenal had to be postponed.Klopp told a news conference that many of Liverpool’s players were “false positives”, a phrase the British government defines as “false positives”.Positive results have been detected in persons not infected with the Novel Coronavirus.This immediately led to complaints from some teams, most likely Arsenal, that Liverpool were using cheap tactics to gain time to prepare because they questioned the veracity and authority of the result.The subtext: How can there be so many false positives?Liverpool must have pulled some strings as they postponed the match by any means possible in order to gain more time to prepare and reduce the impact of the absence of Salah, Mane and Keita.That’s funny.First of all, the preparation time is the same.Liverpool have time, Arsenal have time, and Liverpool’s training centre is closed. Arsenal are running normally, but in terms of training time, they have more time than Liverpool.Second, every Liverpool test is vetted and recorded by the NHS, the FA and the EFL. It is not a case of buying a test kit from the market and poking it in the nose.It all started when one of the Stamford bridge staff fell ill before Liverpool’s game against Chelsea, but he was in close contact with the rest of the staff.Liverpool, on the other hand, spent nearly two hours in Chelsea’s dressing room, a sealed and cramped space.Chelsea’s away dressing room is the narrowest, darkest dressing room I have ever seen in a Premier League stadium, and even Third division Leyton Orient have a better dressing room.If Chelsea spent a fraction of the money they spend on players on running the stadium, Stamford Bridge would not be in such poor shape.It would be fair to say that it is the second worst premier League winning ground of all teams, as the old, disrepair Blackburn rovers are the worst.The Liverpool and Chelsea post-match tests showed only Arnold was positive.He was quickly quarantined at home, while the rest of Liverpool were fine.A second test a few days later found Linders positive, making her one of those “false positives.”Two days before Liverpool’s visit to Arsenal, the test was rescheduled for security reasons.The testing company used by the Premier League, Hong Kong-based Prenetics, was too slow to produce results, usually 24 hours.So Liverpool used the local BioGrad laboratory and the test went wrong, with 13 players testing positive.The results of the two testing agencies were contradictory, and the ministry of Health recommended that the competition be postponed, in line with the principle of “better to believe than not believe.”The question here is not “Liverpool played a trick to delay the game”, but why the two testing bodies produced different results, they both have legal qualifications, the results are authoritative and legally valid, so what is the problem?Was it Engwu and FaFA-appointed Prenetics that went wrong, or BioGrad, a liverpool-based independent laboratory?People don’t know, even if the authorities say they will investigate, investigate what?!Who believe?Liverpool are the victims, aren’t they?After two games, everyone knows that it is better to be away first and then to host. Liverpool became the first to go away because of the postponement of the game, and lacked Salah and Manet, and played more than one man in the majority of the half without winning the game. Arsenal did not eat Liverpool at home, but net two bullets.Klopp certainly doesn’t like January.January 2022 is even more annoying.The Africa Cup of Nations was cut, the team was infected, and the request for postponement was made because of public health concerns.However, Liverpool remained unbeaten in January with four wins and two draws.Arnold and Robertson, the two full-backs, will take credit for their outburst.Arnold, one assist against Chelsea and brentford in the premiership.Jota’s two goals against Arsenal in the carling cup second leg came from his passes;And last weekend at Crystal Palace, jota’s spot was also the result of his long passing.Robertson, suspended for the trip to Stamford bridge, found form against Shrewsbury in the FA cup and made a assist against Brentford in the league;Assist and score twice at crystal Palace.That is to say, excluding the 4-1 home run victory over Shrewsbury and looking only at the league and carling Cup semi-finals, Liverpool scored ten goals in five games in January, eight of them involving Arnold and Robertson.The 3-0 home win over Brentford was the ninth league game in which the two full-backs combined to score.For the third time this season.The other two were a 2-2 draw at Tottenham and a 4-0 home sweep at Southampton.Go back a little further.Three games in 2018-19 (against Fulham, Watford and Huddersfield);Two games in 2019-20 (against West Ham and Chelsea);There was only one game last season, a 7-0 victory at Crystal Palace.That said, with the 2021-22 season not yet over, Arnold and Robertson are once again being closely linked.In the year to January 2022, Arnold has made 15 assists in 25 appearances in all competitions this season, 10 of them in the Premier League.Robertson has nine assists in 24 games and eight assists in the league.The only other premier League team to rely on full-backs to assist is Chelsea, but their total number of full-backs combined is less than Arnold alone.The goals scored by Fabinho and oxlade-chamberlain against Brentford at Anfield were typical of Liverpool’s two-sided defenders.One from a corner kick and one from a 45-degree diagonal pass.Back in the day, this was Liverpool’s winning season.Only, fabinho’s big bald head has a goal, which is never expected.Robertson almost copied salah’s assist for Manchester City’s second goal in 2019-20, while Chamberlain, in his cameo role as Pharaoh, was not as quick and light, but still managed to score.Robertson makes more passes into the box, that is, closer to the goal, than Arnold.It is also without the help of Manet, a passing manet, is particularly formidable.Manet’s slump last season was partly due to Robertson’s inability to get forward and play with manet.Injuries to the centre-backs, which have left Robertson and Arnold at the back, have affected Liverpool’s attacking quality, particularly when it comes to breaking down dense defences.That explains Liverpool’s embarrassments at home.Arnold’s passing points are more scattered, especially in the right midfield to the right penalty area of the intersection of the cross and straight jam, faint some of the flavor of Beckham, Arnold also has a certain breakthrough ability, which is more comprehensive than Beckham.As a result, Liverpool’s strikers heading to the Africa Cup of Nations are returning to more familiar routines.The problem with the classic 235 formation, which uses full-backs to add weight to the attack, is that the defence is unstable.Van Dijk, whether you want to admit it or not, is back to his usual 70-80 per cent form, and another poor performance from Matip or Konate would have left Liverpool struggling defensively.Liverpool’s defence was spotless against Arsenal in the carling cup second leg, with the hosts scoring two of their seven shots, and five of their eight at Crystal Palace.The impact of the double – week on Liverpool is not insignificant.But for a succession of saves by Arison, Liverpool would not have been badly beaten and would have held on to the penalty kick.By the way, isn’t Arsenal also a virtue?They were thrashed at home by Burnley at the weekend, scoreless with 20 goals.They lack jota, who can seal the win for Liverpool, and there’s nothing wrong with letting aubameyang go. This is a time to invest in youth.How could Arsenal have won the premier League and FA Cup double if Arsene Wenger had not attacked the “back five”?Entering 2022, Arteta’s side have yet to win and, perhaps slowly, fear of a January team that will switch from Liverpool to Arsenal.While watching the Spring Festival Gala, while sorting out the past articles.Turns out there’s another one I forgot to post.Reissue it immediately.Coutinho and Carvalho will be updated in two days.Finally, a doggerel is attached (there are still some changes to the weibo post, but I guarantee that this is the final version, all the good and bad Japanese words are said).I wish you all:Promising young Arnold, lead coquettish Robertson, progresses day by day if big tower, humble ma, rock solid van dyck and stability with the big dogs, pine, hale and hearty milner, youth infinitesimal Gordon, smicer marcelo south wild jun, sand Yang na in rao, pick mud ji dig nutt, do dad ah keita, never ungrateful horse leg, sheer forward Henderson, eyes bright, Jones,The legs are quick to beat Bolen, red sleeves add fragrance Fabio, green plum boiled wine Klopp, mouth health fermino, salah in the prime of life, hero turn, scenery alone good object “tiger”.Happy New Year!

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