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On the afternoon of February 15, zhangjiajie Intermediate People’s Court organized all the judges, judge assistants, executives and clerks to take the examination of trial management and Party discipline knowledge in different examination rooms.In order to effectively improve the learning enthusiasm of the police officers in handling cases and achieve the purpose of promoting learning through examination, Zhangjiajie Middle School issued a pre-examination notice to the reference police officers before the end of last year.The notice made it clear that the examination questions covered trial management, party conduct and party discipline, with the focus on the supervision of “four types of cases”, the search of such cases, unified standards of judgment, and judges’ punishment. In particular, the newly issued “Ten Prohibitions” on Political and legal police in the New Era “by the Central Political and Legal Commission was included in the examination scope.The exam includes five basic types: single choice, multiple choice, judgment, short answer and case analysis. The paper is made up of 100 points. The exam is closed book for police officers under 50 years old, and open book for police officers over 50 years old.Chen Jianxin, president and party secretary of Zhangjiajie Middle School, took the lead in attending the closed-book examination.Chen Jianxin took the lead to take part in the closed-book exam reference police, the director of the research office zhou Xiaohui said, in order to get good grades, the whole Spring Festival holiday, many police are consciously reading and learning.Through study, I have a deeper understanding and mastery of the relevant knowledge of trial supervision and management, party conduct and party discipline.In the future, the relevant requirements of trial management will be strictly implemented, the quality and efficiency of trials will be improved, the judicial integrity will be tightened at all times, and the “bottom line” of judicial responsibility will be firmly upheld.Chen jianxin stressed that the exam is an important measure to strengthen the judicial responsibility and ability of police officers and improve the quality of case handling, and the exam results will be included in the individual assessment as a reference for the evaluation of the first and the best.Through the examination to promote learning, learning to test learning, learning to promote knowledge, learning to promote action, stimulate the enthusiasm of all police officers to learn, the learning effect into work motivation and trial quality and efficiency, effectively improve judicial efficiency and judicial credibility, for the city’s courts to walk in the forefront of the province’s courts to gather wisdom and strength.Representatives, members were invited to invigilate the city’s National People’s Congress representatives, Meng Li, city CPPCC members Long Bo, Fan Wei was invited to supervise the examination, Zhangjiajie Zhongyuan political department, discipline inspection commission, the supervision department police invigilation.To promote learning by examination, “practice and practice” to improve efficiency.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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