Fairyland words eight immortals | This is too sweet!This table of immortal version of “Manhan banquet” across the screen to eat

Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint reporter Liang Yingying Yantai’s day, from the noise of the seafood market began.As a coastal city, Yantai is rich in seafood and its quality is excellent.It would be a great pity not to try some fresh, fatty seafood here.If you eat seafood and listen to stories, isn’t that beautiful?As the origin of the legend of the eight immortals, penglai has the feast of the Eight Immortals.Last year, a contest to collect and select golden ideas for the eight immortals created a nationwide craze to tell the stories of the eight immortals and explore their culture.The activity is sponsored by Yantai Culture and Tourism Bureau and undertaken by Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yidianyantai Media Center.In more than 20 days, we collected more than 3000 golden ideas from all over the country.Penglai Eight Immortals banquet is one of them, by penglai Eight Immortals Hotel submitted the “feast of the Eight Immortals” won the yantai “eight Immortals” cultural creative golden idea creative food category first prize.Penglai “Feast of the Eight Immortals” has a long history, according to historical records, penglai “feast of the eight Immortals” name derived from the Jin and Yuan Period Quanzhen seven ma Yu “multiplexing anthems” in the “four Hao play and dance, eight immortals pour to mention the bell” verse;Banquets are derived from the Taoist health preservation concept and the traditional seafood cooking skills of Penglai over a thousand years.At the beginning of the last century, penglai City north pass “Hongxing Hall” hotel, because of the production of “eight Immortals banquet” seafood exquisite skills and famous dengzhou, from then on, “Penglai seafood world” said.Based on the legend of the eight immortals, the feast of the eight Immortals is a high-level feast integrating delicious seafood culture with myths and legends.Since the reform and opening up, Wang Dong, chairman of Penglai Chuangshi Hotel Investment Management Co., LTD., master of Chinese Shandong cuisine cooking, the fifth generation inheritor of Penglai “Eight Immortals Banquet” and his team, according to folk custom and traditional skills, combined with the personality characteristics and physical shape of the eight immortals in folklore,To penglai sea specialty sea cucumber, prawns, scallops, oysters, red shell red, red snail, add ji fish and other seafood curiums as the main raw materials, with boiling, fried, roast, mix, pickle, brine, sauce, frozen and other 8 cooking methods, make 8 kinds of flavor characteristics of the 8 cold meat dish.The exquisite ingredients, the elaborate art of the plate, and the lifelike dough sculptures of the eight Imens make each dish exquisite and delicious. Each dish is endowed with a story, and pays attention to nutrition and original taste, which reflects the natural taste of food and highlights the scientific nature of food.The inheritance of food is always in the most ordinary life.Wonderland Yantai, hiding the eight immortals feast the most correct way to open.With the rapid development of modern society, people are more eager to pursue new things, and more new ideas are emerging about the food of the eight Immortals.In the “eight immortals” cultural creative golden ideas collection and selection activities, Yantai Song Barbecue catering Service Co., Ltd. submitted the “carbon roast eight fresh” food.The eight immortals crossing the Sea is a well-known myth and legend, penglai Fairy Island is a tourist landmark of Yantai.According to this fairy tale, Yantai Song Barbecue selects the specialty seafood of Yantai, such as Yi Bei, perch, sea cucumber, abalone, octopus, razor clam, prawn, using the technique of carbon roast into a dish, the biggest characteristic of this dish is the original flavor, texture or crisp or tender.Roast eight delicacies, also a kind of culture.Yantai Gai Gai Food combines jiaodong flower bobo, an intangible cultural heritage, with the story of eight imfairy. Based on the traditional instrument “Hu Lu” of Baxian Tieguai Li, the creative flower bobo of “Eight imfairy calabash” is designed and made with the implication of “Gilsang Fulu”. It is exquisite in shape, bright in color and pleasing to the eye.Eight fairy fenugreek creative flower bobo a story, a food.The vitality of the eight Immortals cuisine is the inheritance and sublimation of the legend of eight Immortals crossing the sea. The delicious food that changes with The Times meets the tip of the tongue and touches the heart. Tomorrow, it will still welcome tourists from all over the world with new ideas.Eight immortals creative dessert eight immortals creative food Treasure fan happy flute gather immortals

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