The New Year’s letter across the strait connects the youth dream of both sides

On February 4, the start of Spring, the opening day of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, is also a time for Chinese families to get together and celebrate the Spring Festival.A year’s plan begins in spring.A world-renowned sports event, gestates the youth dream of countless young people;A festival of reunion and jubilation embodies the deep affection of all Chinese people.Dream, hope, warmth, care…These emotions were brought together by two New Year’s letters from young Taiwanese volunteers for the Winter Olympics, which brought tears to the eyes of many netizens on this special day.”When I was young, my mother always gave us red envelopes, on which she would write her wishes for each of our children.When I grow up this year, I give my mother a red envelope…”On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Su Yongjun, a graduate student at Tsinghua University Law School, took a picture of his family’s “New Year’s letter” in Minnan dialect.Li Ruoyun, a junior at Beijing International Studies University, also sent video letters to her family in Taiwan, who chose to stay in Beijing because of the Olympics.Without flashy language or too many embellishments, the New Year letters written by two young Taiwanese people have touched many netizens.”The letter from home is very ceremonial.” “This young man is very caring.” “Happy New Year, classmates”…The comments section was filled with warm, heartwarming comments.”River three thousand li, letter home fifteen lines”.In the context of Chinese culture, a letter home is a vivid writing of a message to a loved one, an emotional carrier to nourish the heart and the best form to reveal one’s mood.No matter where you are, a letter home and a word of peace can ease the worries of your family and soothe the memories of your loved ones.In this era of more and more diversified means of communication, we may no longer need to lay down a piece of white paper and repair a square foot of paper, but the words of distant mothers, family members and childhood memories in the video letters…Is still all Chinese children can understand the emotion, is still young people on both sides can understand the image.It is natural for every Chinese person to feel such a sincere letter of remembrance, a sincere entrust and a deep concern in this happy and happy Spring Festival when all families are reunited.This is also the fundamental reason why countless net friends spontaneously praise, forward and leave messages for them.This Spring Festival, young Students in Taiwan will not feel lonely and uncomfortable even though they cannot get together with their families.In the video, Su eats Taiwanese sausage, which he says is “the taste of home.”He added that his family won’t worry about him because they also know “I have a really good life on the mainland.”Many young People in Taiwan who work and live in the mainland during the Spring Festival have similar feelings.Tsai Yun-yong, a Taiwanese girl who stayed in Beijing for the Spring Festival, happily showed off her red sweater in a video message to her family.She could not hide her anticipation for this special Spring Festival. “I took Spring Festival couplets and the Chinese character fu with my roommate and put them on the door later.”Similar food habits, the same festival customs, and the familiar living environment make these young Taiwanese studying and working in the mainland feel no estrangement or strangeness.Unchanged accent, red sweater, festive Spring Festival couplets…Through them, we once again feel the power of “home” and witness the “spiritual origin” of all Chinese people.By answering these questions, where we come from and where our roots are, every young person can walk a more secure and solid path in life.The reason why Taiwanese students’ video letters make netizens feel particularly warm is that we share the same cultural gene and historical memory in our blood.Today is the beginning of spring, the beginning of a New Year, everything renewed.A spring word is meaningful, our ancient nation’s “New Year flavor” is always full of hope and creation;A new word is profound, our cultural spirit contains the power of life and growth.The holding of the Winter Olympics has gathered the strongest emotions, warmest expectations and best wishes into a brand new starting point.14 years ago summer night, from yongding gate through Tian ‘anmen to the “Bird’s Nest”, 29 fireworks “footprints” slowly forward, very firm.They cross the historical light and shadow of the rise and fall of the Chinese nation, and outline the clear track of the modern Olympic Movement embracing the splendid civilization of the ancient Oriental country.Now, Beijing will become the first city in history to host the Olympics in both summer and winter.The Beijing Winter Olympics is not only an “ice and snow engagement”, but also a “development engagement” between China and the world and the future.How can every young person with a dream not yearn for this great era and stage, which breeds unlimited opportunities and brings a new starting point?A young heart always longs for a broader and grand stage.February 4 is also Li Ruoyun’s birthday.”Being able to participate in the opening ceremony on my birthday is one of the most memorable, special and warm birthday gifts the Winter Olympics could have given me.”Li Ruojun said.Although she could not go home for the Spring Festival, her excited and excited expression had been filled with anticipation and longing.Beijing Winter Olympic Games is a grand event of global ice and snow sports, and also a stage for all Chinese descendants to participate in the event.Compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, of course, should share this glory.A New Year’s letter will transmit the grand occasion of the Beijing Winter Olympics to the island for the first time, and will also cross the shallow strait of the Bay, connecting everyone’s hearts together.The river of time flows on and on. Each generation of young people has its own opportunities and opportunities. They should plan their lives and create history under the conditions of their own times.The Beijing Winter Olympics will give young people like Su Yongjun and Li Ruoyun a chance to witness and participate in history, and will also inject new impetus into the continuous development of cross-Straits relations.”Because we are one family”, your youth dream, is my unremitting pursuit.Tonight, as the door opens to the world and tomorrow, let us dream and join hands and move into the future together.(Dongping, commentator of the Paper) (Source: The Paper, commentator of the Paper, Poster design: Zhou Huan)

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