Baoding mancheng “challenge competition” singing the theme of practical work

February 11th, at the beginning of the New Year, Baoding Mancheng held the third round of “challenge competition” of the special action to strengthen the work style, grasp the implementation and improve the efficiency of service ability, and set up a sub-venue in all departments and towns of the district, and all members of the unit group, cadres and party branch secretaries of the village in the form of online video.The large-scale top-down meeting held after the Spring Festival demonstrates the determination and will of the region to start from scratch and work hard and quickly.Mancheng District service capacity promotion special action challenge competition through the “real board”, cohesion strong style, grasp the implementation, improve the efficiency of the “real energy”.In the contest, participants watched the short film of the third round of comprehensive evaluation of the special action to greatly improve service capacity, and reported the comprehensive evaluation and ranking results in detail.The departments and towns with the highest comprehensive ranking made typical speeches, and the 5 units with the lowest comprehensive ranking made statements.The start is the decisive battle, the start is the sprint.In the New Year, the Mancheng District Committee has made clear the development idea of “1135”, requiring party members and cadres at all levels to focus on the word “doing” and strive to promote the “quality life New Area, good and beautiful vitality full city” to run faster and create new and wonderful things.The district adheres to the principle of “putting people first”, “leadership taking the lead” and “the work style of competing for top priority”. This year, it will focus on three initiatives.First, promote quality life new areas to blossom “new appearance level”, fight the initiative of urban renewal.By making up the shortcomings of hardware and software, the building of civilized city, healthy city and forest city will be formed with the participation of the whole people, and the “ten one” action of urban construction will be carried out centering on “smoothing its roads, beautifying its appearance, strengthening its ability, securing its residence, solidifying its foundation and enhancing its charm”.Second, we will expand and strengthen the “4+2+2” modern industrial system and take the initiative in strengthening industrial areas.Learning from Hangzhou’s experience, through precise investment projects, precise services to promote the landing, help to solve the difficulties and quickly put into production, focusing on building a good rail transit industry base and the national household paper industry base.Third, we will focus on building demonstration bases for urban agriculture and bases for cultural tourism and leisure, and take the initiative in rural revitalization.We will give priority to the “six and one” demonstration projects, that is, each town and township will build a high-quality street, a demonstration village for Party construction, a demonstration village for scenic spots, a demonstration village for high-standard collective economy, a demonstration village for agricultural industrialization, and a demonstration village for public services, so as to realize the rural development pattern of “agriculture + cultural tourism” in different areas.”Take on the work can be the first, struggle to compete in and out of the wonderful.The key to implementing the decisions and arrangements of the central and provincial party committees and municipal committees is the enthusiasm and execution of grassroots Party members and cadres.”Liu Yongsheng, secretary of mancheng District Party Committee, said that the continuous promotion of the special action competition to enhance service capacity is to correct the guidance of cadres, strict supervision and accountability, strengthen positive incentives, singing the main melody of the whole district.(Correspondent Zhao Dapeng) Source: Baoding Daily Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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