Dilieba bodice dress is gorgeous!Snow skin jade looks too hot

On February 2nd, at the China Online Audio-visual conference, Dilareba’s tight dress was bright and elegant. She wore a big pearl necklace around her neck. Her face was mature and charming, her eyes were bright as water, her flaming red lips were provocative, and she showed off her shoulders and career line.Dilieba wore a tight white dress and a large pearl necklace. She had a beautiful face, beautiful eyes, red lips, short hair with a slight red dye, and white shoulders and line. She was absolutely sexy.Dilieba is wearing a tight white dress, and she is very charming with her crooked body. She lowers her head and stares at her lovely face. Her facial features are delicate, her eyebrows are beautiful, her lips are red and her teeth are white, her body is concave and convex, her skin is delicate as snow, and she is absolutely sexy.Dili reba is a popular actress in the mainland, the Xinjiang beauty has been acting in “Clara Lovers”, “Beautiful Li Huizhen”, “Long Song Line”, “Three Lives three Times ten miles of Peach blossom”, “You are my glory” and other films and TV plays, with exotic beauty, the devil’s figure, shine brilliantly.

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