A deep woman who flaunted her love for her husband, but refused to spend money to save her husband

A woman, whose husband was seriously ill and refused to pay for medical treatment, talked about how much she loved him. To pose for a picture, she pulled her comatose husband’s ear with her hand, just to leave a picture of kissing to prove her deep love.Do you really want a daughter-in-law like that in your own family, a woman who reviled her ex-mother-in-law, who had spent everything she had, and who was in debt at all?The former mother-in-law paid all her efforts for her husband, not hesitate to borrow money for his treatment, and after discovering that his son is not his own, he still spent high medical expenses.But this wife has a house and a car under her name. Why don’t you pay for your love so much?Not only do you not pay, but also refuse to return the treatment fee paid by the big pharmacy for the former mother-in-law, and refuse to return the only set of property purchased by the former mother-in-law, so that they have no shelter for old people and no fixed abode, your poison oh.Why do you, a woman, take all the money?Logically, shouldn’t you help your husband repay his adoptive parents for their kindness?Legally speaking, these are borrowed and bought by my mother-in-law, shouldn’t they be returned?The former mother-in-law wants to visit her son who has been raised for 28 years, but this woman refuses to let the former mother-in-law visit her as a wife. What is your intention? This is the expression of evil, and it is undoubtedly a poisonous woman.A woman how cruel you, has entered the caring stage of her husband, at the cost of a long journey, moved to a place where the former mother-in-law can not find, even the death of her husband you do not let the former mother-in-law to see the last, your evil behavior, god unbearable.Now you still lick your face to occupy a house, where do you have the courage?Interests let you faint, lost the mind, you now become six people do not recognize, the network for traffic, should scold the former mother-in-law’s way, it is outrageous.This woman in order to squeeze the former mother-in-law dry squeeze, long hold back how to seize the property of the matter, but has not shake out, is to wait for the former mother-in-law to fake son after the single purchase, and then antagonize.One husband left, the other side immediately turned against, malicious woman, should have followers, is really slippery world grand ji.No way, in those days when little Japan invaded China, there are not millions of traitors, puppet army!There is a mother-in-law actually still support the daughter-in-law of this behavior, still think she is a flaunt, is a pride, you are really a family, sooner or later she will ask for you.Stay away from evil women and wish this kind ex-mother-in-law happiness for the rest of her life!

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