Luo Guofu first!The national football team defeated Vietnam, take a victory again, Li Xiaopeng has confidence!

January 31, Beijing time, will be the world preliminary round of 12 round 8 time.China football team lost 2-0 to Japan, this time again away and Vietnam team match, China football team is one win, Vietnam team zero wins!In the routine pre-match press conference, National football coach Li Xiaopeng said, lifting the ban luo Guofu will start the game, and Li Xiaopeng thought that as long as national football team out of the best level, will be able to defeat Vietnam, to achieve the “double kill” Vietnam team!And the return of luo Guofu is also said that his debut will go all out to help the team win!After losing to The Japanese team, Japan coach Mori Boichi also mentioned the Chinese men’s football team, pointed out the shortcomings of the Chinese men’s football team lack of spirit!This time, Li Xiaopeng said that he respected the Vietnamese team very much and thought that the Vietnamese team was always full of spirit and well organized on the field.And coach Li Xiaopeng’s requirement for national football team is also to show a good level, win again Vietnam team!Now the National football team is basically out of the tournament, even if the victory of Vietnam team will not change the status quo, and Coach Li Xiaopeng also said that this match, the National football team will go all out to win the game, but also will accumulate experience.And the match date is the Chinese New Year’s day, coach Li Xiaopeng will take the team to the fans to send a big gift, that is a long time to win!In the face of the Japanese team, Coach Li Xiaopeng did not make any tactical changes in the face of wu Lei’s poor state, Wu Lei is likely to start.And Wu Lei in the recent training condition is also gradually picked up, I believe Wu Lei will score again in the china-Vietnam match!If the national football team can achieve the “double kill” of the Vietnamese team, it is also a little bit of face to save the last!

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