Mercedes Benz these two new pure electric will be launched this year, do you like it?

The electrification of Mercedes-Benz in China is ongoing…Recently, according to foreign media, Mercedes-Benz plans to officially launch its EQS SUV at the Beijing Auto Show in April, and is expected to debut the EQE SUV at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November. Both will be produced together at the Tuscaloosa plant in the United States.In addition, a production version of the Vision EQG concept, which can also be seen as an all-electric version of the Mercedes G-Class, is planned for 2024.According to previous spy photos, EQS SUV will follow the Mercedes -EQ family’s electric concept in the appearance design, the use of fully closed grille design, and both sides are equipped with a long and narrow light group, and EQS car is the same.Six strips of bright silver rims are used on the sides, greatly adding to the premium look of the new car.Its body length may reach 5160mm, which is shorter than the 5265mm EQS sedan, providing ample space for three rows of seven seats inside.The overall shape of the rear is still calm and square, through the spoiler and the lower bumper to create a sense of layering, making the rear look a little flavor.The interior adopts the same design style as EQS car, and the central control adopts the screen modeling, thus forming the integral design effect, which improves the sense of science and technology of the interior.While the EQE SUV plays the role of the smaller EQS SUV, its overall design style is expected to be very similar to the EQS SUV.Similarly, the EQE SUV is reportedly 4850mm long, which is shorter than the EQE sedan’s 4934mm, and has a five-seater layout.Design-wise, apart from the size differences, the two models will be very similar, with a high emphasis on aerodynamics, as Mercedes will likely strive for the lowest drag coefficient in their segment.The EQS 580 SUV will be equipped with dual motors with a maximum power of 385 kw and 854 nm of torque. It will be equipped with a lithium ion battery of 108kWh and a maximum range of 700km.As for the EQE SUV, it will have a 90.6 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery and come with either a single motor or dual motor, depending on the configuration.The rear-drive version has a maximum power of 215 kW and a torque of 530 NM.Production of the EQE SUV and EQS SUV will take place in Tuscaloosa, Ala., where Mercedes-Benz is currently building the GLE and GLS models.The chassis similarity makes it possible for Mercedes to jointly develop the two electric SUVs, which are expected to be launched within six months.Author: Sun Yufei Source: First Electric Network (

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