The United States has sent large forces and 5 aircraft carriers to gather around China!UK exposing the truth will not help China

Chinese year of the Tiger is running, Chinese soldiers huhu Shengwei, they defend the motherland, bearing forward, in exchange for our years of static good, in the festive and peaceful atmosphere, we can hardly detect any “strange”, but The Chinese soldiers eyes bright, carefully observed the side of the movement, a moment did not dare to relax.They found that not long ago, the US Navy first five aircraft carriers approached China’s doorstep, then nuclear submarines appeared in Guam, which can deploy 100 nuclear warheads, and about the same time, the US navy destroyers broke into China’s territorial waters in Xisha, full of provocation, the US Navy sent out a strong lineup, why?The Japanese and US navies recently dispatched 5 main carrier-class warships to carry out joint military exercises, aiming to deter China, reported.There are several things worth noting about this japan-U.S. joint exercise.First, the location of the exercise is in the waters south of Okinawa, which is considered to be the “only way” for the US and Japan to reach Taiwan, Wolf son ambition!Once again, the intention of the US and Japan to meddle in the Taiwan Strait has been exposed.Second, USS Carl Vinson and USS Lincoln have both been dispatched to the Asia-Pacific waters near China. These are currently the only two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers of the US armed with F-35C carrier-borne aircraft. You can imagine how much importance the US military attaches to this region.Third, US-Japan military cooperation has intensified.The us nuclear-powered super aircraft carrier plus the Lightning aircraft carrier and the Japanese quasi-aircraft carrier make the joint fleet configuration convenient for tactical coordination.Unexpectedly, the British media poured cold water on the us-Japan military exercise.As the Financial Times has told the truth, such exercises do not scare China at all.As early as this year, China has conducted regular deployment in the waters between Japan and Taiwan, with warships and military aircraft patrolling every day.The stronger the US and Japan’s military exercises are, the more they show their fear of China’s naval power. Therefore, the so-called blockade by the US and Japan is just talking to themselves.Taiwanese media paid close attention to the PLA’s response, reporting that during the US-Japan exercises, the PLA flew 39 sorties into Taiwan’s so-called southwest “air defense Identification Zone,” 34 of which were fighter jets, the second most in 11 years.The PLA is doing this in a very targeted way, by demonstrating its strength.No matter how many times the US and Japan conduct military exercises and how much they want to interfere in Taiwan affairs, the PLA simply says, “We will never agree to it, nor show mercy”.

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