Wuhan team was grilled last year!Fans fryer!Repeat the same trick for Hao Junmin?

Just now, Wuhan Zhuoer a year ago was out of the article, back to the player’s bad words, a bully temperament!How can a normal professional club do that?In February last year, Wuhan players Zhou Tong, Jiang Zilei and Liu Yi wrote on New Year’s Eve, accusing Zhuoer of failing to pay wages, bonuses and relegation bonuses for 2020.However, the official response of wuhan club later said that there is no “unpaid salary” phenomenon, and said bluntly: “Some former players, you are not qualified to take this award, you have the audacity to ask, never heard of it.”Let’s take a look at what the Drow official has to say.It’s amazing!In response to the comments made by some former players on social media, the club hereby declares:Wuhan Zall Professional Football Club has paid the salary and bonus of the 2020 season in full according to the requirements of ICON of Chinese Football Association, and submitted the confirmation form of salary and bonus on time. It has carried out the work related to admission and registration of Chinese Football Association, and there is no “unpaid salary” and other phenomena.The prize money is given to players who contribute and are loyal, not to some former players, so please don’t be whimsical and try to confuse the public with ugly performances.Do not affect the majority of fans who care about and care for us to celebrate the Spring Festival mood!As for the malicious slander of Wuhan Zhuoer Professional Football Club and investors, our club has fixed evidence, will take further legal action to safeguard legitimate rights and interests, and file a lawsuit to the relevant parties.Can’t you just have a good New Year?Some former players pick this time to trouble, shows its intention, is to deliberately to add to the jam.You have the heart to play football, you will not have to renew your contract, you will not have to share the bonus.Relegation hair award is the club’s very move, but said hair, will certainly hair.I’m sorry, but still, some ex-player, you don’t deserve this award, you had the cheek to ask for it, never heard of it.Once again, the club has paid wages and bonuses in full in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese Football Association.If you’re not awake, keep barking.Anyway, we’re going to spend the Spring Festival with our family and friends.Look at the words and deeds, underworld physique, full of a lot of fans are condemning, now the team’s captain junmin hao again into wuhan team back pay, is really desperate force be nasty, and the response of the wuhan team is players say false, trying again, if really false, the club will take out proof, don’t in the flash player, by the way for fans to ask:Did Li Tie remote control 30 million rounds of zoll?

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