Shenhua left the birth of the second person to join a year to return to the old club difficult progress in the new season is still confused

Shenhua, which had planned to start training on February 16, did not start training as scheduled and will continue to have a holiday.Meanwhile, the team last year’s foreign aid, the main centre-back jonic, also confirmed in today’s departure, Osaka sakura official announced that Jonic will return to the team, and this is only one year after jonic joined Shenhua, also.Jonic also became the second foreign player to leave shenhua this season, just about a month ago, the shenhua captain, the foreign player moreno, announced that he had left shenhua after nine years of service to return to his former parent club Nacional.Since then, with the Osaka sakura defender Segubu dream overseas, the news of jonic’s imminent return to his former club also began to make waves, and the matter was finally finalized today.One of the two core left the team, shenhua last year’s remaining foreign aid and Dunbiya, Basogo, Adrien, the other is last year’s loan to Chongqing boranos.Adrian belongs to the loan contract, if chongqing back to normal, he can return to chongqing, ba SuoGe since returned to participate in the African cup of nations, failed to return, he also did not take part in the second phase of the Chinese super league game, now, he will also attend World Cup qualifiers, want him to come back soon, I’m afraid is difficult problem.And about his departure, also seems to be confirmed by shenhua after coming from a series of rumors, before about shenhua back pay issue has been mentioned, the team has several months did not send salary, in fact, last year, after the relegation in advance about, and with abiathar, chose to return to Europe on vacation in advance, and at that time, because of the outbreak and the back pay,Jonic may have been tempted to leave the club, and a few months of unpaid wages could have triggered his departure and, therefore, could have been a free agent.And even two foreign aid to leave the team, shenhua may be released this year will continue to save expenses, a signal to reduce expenses.Unpaid pay for several months, Shenhua early this year, on the share reform, so far seems to have no results.Shenhua has been pushing for a share reform since the end of last season. It is also doubtful whether Greenland, as the parent company of real estate, can support Shenhua under the recent epidemic.Shenhua will be able to use the base for free after jiushi Group completed its purchase of the base last year.The Group is a state-owned investment holding company funded by the Shanghai municipal government.So at that time, there are also many people began to discuss, long thing group is likely to take over after shenhua, because shenhua after the share reform, a large part of the shares will be as a state-owned enterprise.However, because of the cooperation with SIPG, it seems unlikely that Jiushi Group will take over Shenhua.We may find that the investment shareholders of Pudong Stadium, the home ground of SIPG, are Shanghai Port Group and Shanghai Jiushi Group. Therefore, it may be difficult for Jiushi to continue to take over shenhua’s equity after taking over Cambridge.And before, there are spread about the construction, and light congress to take over, but there is no specific below.Now, a number of winter training has been started, Cambridge even shenhua training base has also ushered in the team, but training team last year share reform, the tianjin guinness tiger back, almost disbanded team, now into the state, early and shenhua, the start of the new season has been a series of problems, the team’s training will be postponed to march,This is almost very late training team, and the team in the reform without progress, it seems to be unable to carry out the action and so on, Shenhua’s new season is still very confused.

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