The City transportation Bureau has taken various measures to ensure the safety of the Spring Festival travel rush

Rednet Moment, January 25 (Reporter Xiao Rongbo, Gang) On January 23, the city transport Bureau learned that the bureau is taking multiple measures to escort the 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush, to create a good transportation environment for the safety of people in the county.Good dispatch and good deployment.The bureau carefully formulated “county road transport system Spring Festival work guarantee program”, timely held the county Spring Festival and the end of the year at the beginning of the safety production work conference, layer upon layer signed “safety production responsibility book”, strictly implement the leadership and 24-hour duty system.At the same time, further enhance the supply of transport capacity, optimize the allocation of transport capacity, fully estimate the risk of normal epidemic prevention and control and the passenger flow of Spring Festival transport, and formulate a scientific guarantee plan.Since the start of the Spring Festival travel rush, the county daily average of 86 passenger shuttle bus, 20 buses, 78 taxis, equipped with emergency preparation passenger shuttle bus 3, comprehensively improve the transport safety operation capacity and service quality, to meet the needs of passengers travel.Fulfill responsibilities and strengthen security.In order to further strengthen the safety of the enterprise production responsibility, the bureau to take “four not two straight” “double random” “open inspection” and other working methods, the establishment of 6 inspection team of the system units of the Spring Festival transport work carried out 4 times supervision and guidance, the site found 5 problems hidden trouble has been all rectified in place.In the inspection process, the bureau also focused on the hunan Yuncheng step branch long-distance passenger vehicles GPS satellite positioning monitoring 24 hours of operation and bus company vehicle dynamic supervision, and strict requirements of the transport enterprise education driver to do not overspeed, not overmanned, not fatigue driving, to ensure the safety of passengers.Fully study and judge, formulate preplans.All passenger transport enterprises must make comprehensive and scientific transport plans and emergency plans in accordance with the principle of reducing the flow of people, reducing the risk of travel, reducing the number of people gathered and strengthening the protection of people, and make all-out efforts to integrate epidemic prevention and control into the whole process of the Spring Festival travel rush.Passenger terminals are urged to take measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning, registration and wearing of masks, and do a good job in cleaning, ventilation and disinfection of transport vehicles, so as to ensure that epidemic prevention and control and Spring Festival travel guarantee achieve a “win-win” situation.Supervise in accordance with the law and eliminate violations.In order to further purify the county road passenger transport environment, severely crack down on all kinds of violations of laws and regulations, the bureau in the Spring Festival transport work program has been clearly stipulated, traffic comprehensive law enforcement departments must implement safety supervision responsibilities in accordance with the law, actively take law enforcement inspection, supervision and other work, highlighting key sections, key period,To travel chartered buses, passenger lines, transport of dangerous goods, illegal operations and overloading and other links of the illegal activities to be an iron fist, mercilessly.

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