Where do China’s scientific and technological development talents come from?

Country M is the most powerful country in the world today. Its strength lies in its high technology. In addition to high technology, other places can be said to have nothing to offer.Have you noticed that M country is a place where people with outstanding science and technology come out in large numbers? Most of the new science and technology in the past hundred years came from M country.We are familiar with the science and technology bull people have Jobs, Bill Gates, Musk and so on. Musk was born in South Africa, and later naturalized in M country, and established his technology empire there.Computers, the Internet, chips and other modern technologies all come from M.M country dares to act arrogantly in the world, its confidence comes from high technology.If we can surpass it in high technology, it still dares to be so arrogant.The reason why the high-tech development of M country is so good is that M country not only has a good talent training mode, but also attracts foreign talents.According to the latest statistics, the world’s software high-level talent M country accounted for 60%, China is about ten percent, and in the United States software talent, Chinese accounted for a large proportion.Country M is a place where qualifications and background are not recognized. As long as a person has real strength, he or she will have the chance to stand out.People like Bill Gates and Musk have had brilliant careers when they were young.Musk is not a native of M people, but the soil of M country created conditions for his career to take off. Now he has become the world’s richest man, leading the world in aerospace, new energy, artificial intelligence and other high-tech fields, becoming a legend in today’s world.Compared with Country M, there is a huge gap in talent cultivation and introduction in our country. The lack of high-level talents will naturally affect the development of science and technology.Many students from our top universities go abroad. The people we pay to train end up working for others, and some of them even become our competitors.Why do some people go abroad and never come back? First, our environment is not conducive to the full play of talents’ abilities. Laboratory conditions are not as good as others.People like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, if they had been in China when they were young, they would never have been able to exert their abilities.At present, the competition between countries is high-tech competition, and high-tech competition is the competition of talents. On the one hand, our education should change the existing talent training mode, and on the other hand, we should create a good environment for young scientific and technological talents to display their talents, and retain talents and make good use of them.A country cannot rely only on real estate and large-scale infrastructure development. It must find ways to speed up the training of scientific and technological talents and enable them to play their roles.Backward development of science and technology, will always be under the control of others.The above is just to express their feelings, know that no one will listen, perhaps this is the biggest sadness.

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