600 degrees, has become the watershed of myopia

Should 600 degrees above myopia crowd wear normally “bottle bottom” glasses?When other people see “hermaphrodite”, above 600 degrees they see “ashes and ashes”?NO!NO!NO!These are just small cases……Clinical will myopic cent according to pathological change: simple sex myopic myopic degree is in commonly 600 degrees less than, the fundus of major patient does not have pathological change, with appropriate lens or means of other myopic correction can correct vision to normal.Degree of myopia of patient of pathological reason myopia of this kind of myopia exceeds 600 degrees normally, the high myopia that often says namely, it is the ametropia that a kind companion has eye axis to lengthen, fundus degenerative disease changes and inspect dysfunction.High myopia are usually due to axial extension, after eyeball pole of the expansion and so on a series of pathological changes of the eye tissues, so at younger age, in addition to the far poor eyesight, is often accompanied by poor night vision, floaters, floats, the symptom such as flashing lights, and compared with normal, retinal detachment, tearing, hiatus, macular hemorrhage and the risk of new blood vessels is much larger,In severe cases it can cause blindness.Accordingly, high myopia says myopia degree is not just tall, the dangerous sex that produces fundus pathological changes also wants to be taller than normal person.Can high myopia cause blindness?I’m sure you all know that when a balloon is blown up, the color of the balloon becomes lighter and the internal objects are more clearly exposed, right?Eye is the same, because the axial extension, the expansion of the eye eye QiuBi organization thinning, first performance for retinal pigment epithelial progressive thinning, retinal blood vessels leave the DVD after necking, straightened, and changes of choroid blood capillary, caused the nutritional disorder of cortex on retinal pigment, fewer shallow pigment or disappear.In this way, the brown pigment between the red blood vessels of the choroid exposed and the vascular network is interlaced to form the characteristic fundus change of myopia – “leopard fundus”, especially in the posterior pole.And eye shaft is longer, myopia degree is taller, age is bigger, leopard grain shape fundus can be more apparent.Strictly speaking, “leopard fundus” belongs to non-pathological fundus changes, it can be seen as a surface phenomenon of high myopia, similar to facial redness is a surface symptom of fever.But it is a very important sign of the coming pathological changes in the fundus that can cause visual dysfunction.As a sign of prepathological changes with special clinical significance, controlling the different stages of leopard striatal changes can prevent or slow down the evolution and occurrence of pathological changes.Regular fundus examination therefore, more than 600 degrees of myopia should pay particular attention to regular fundus examination, such as the discovery of leopard fundus, should improve the frequency of examination, and take corresponding measures to avoid the fundus pathological changes lead to irreversible vision decline or even blindness.For patients with myopia of more than 600 degrees, ICL lens implantation can be used to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism in a wide range without removing or destroying corneal tissue or suturing after surgery, especially for high myopia.At present, in China, high myopia, especially in patients with super high myopia (≥1000 degrees), many people cannot be corrected by excimer laser because their corneal thickness is not enough or relatively thin, and ICL brings new hope to patients with high myopia.Han Xiankui, Deputy chief physician, Vice President of Shijiazhuang Aier Eye Hospital, head of Hebei District Qu Optical Group, Director of Refractive Surgery Department of Shijiazhuang Aier Eye Hospital, Zeiss Femtosecond certified physician;Member of Ophthalmology Group, Hebei Ophthalmology Society;He is a member of hebei Branch of Asia-Pacific Remote Ophthalmology Society. He is good at laser corneal refractive surgery for complicated cases, especially in the fields of femtosecond laser, femtosecond laser, ICL surgery for myopia correction and refractive surgery complications management, and collagen cross-linking of keratoconus.

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